Wonderful Ideas for the Interior Painting of your House

Wonderful Ideas for the Interior Painting of your House

The house looks beautiful and spacious only with the interior designs and the paintings. It could either destroy or could even make your house look as elegant as you ever wished. There are various interior painting ideas that one should keep in mind while making up the interiors of the home. Selecting the color and the texture is as important as it is to build a house. The color and the texture used in the interiors are very important to keep in mind the look and appearance of the house. Some colors might look gaudy and some might be very somber. Using the right color and the right concept would do wonders with the looks of the home.

Explore and experiment

Don’t be afraid while selecting the colors for the wall. Sometimes, they might look odd in the first stage. But once the complete and the finishing touch are given, they will look wonderful. Be bold and try out with various colors. Try something you have ever wanted to experiment. Or if you have something in mind and wish to make your room or the house so, try using those colors. At the end you will be surprised and will really be happy with the outcome and the results. Trying out with the colors is not a risk at all. You can change the color if you want in the later stage. It is not something like you have to break the wall and built in a new one to change the color.

Wonderful Ideas for the Interior Painting of your House

Color and texture

The color and the texture that you choose for your home is really important. They make up the major part of the appearance and the looks of the house. Lighter colors would make the house look spacious. If you are selecting the colors for the living room or the hall, select the ones with a lighter shade. They will make your house look spacious and big. If you like darker ones, try them in your bedrooms or the store rooms and kitchen. They will really work. The concept and the texture should also be very simple when it comes to selecting them in the hall and the living rooms. You can take up any concept and texture for your bedrooms. Since it does not matter even they don’t look spacious. But the hall and the living room matters the most.

Play with your Imagination

You can always play with your imagination and can always try them out. Imagine and try to put the colors on the wall. Use the sample textures too. You can try this in your computers if you have the suitable software. They will give you a rough picture of how your house will look after the completion of the painting and the other work. Never step back to try your hands. It’s your house and you wish to build in a dream home. Then don’t be afraid. Play with the colors and the imagination. You will end up having a beautiful house for yourself of your choice.

Modern Contemporary Furniture

Modern Contemporary Furniture – A New Trend To Set Up Your Home

Every generation has a change and they need it to live in the present. That gives a place to innovations and inventions. The imagination is put on the roll and new experiments are being made. Something which is new to our grandmothers might not be the same for our mothers. It completely differs with each generation and mentality. Things which are classy for our mothers might look shabby for us. It is modern household Furniture do have a resemblance and a connection with the traditional ones. The essence of it remains the same. It can be said that there is a wide range of influence when it comes to Furniture with the modern and the contemporary.

Modern Contemporary Furniture

Features of the modern contemporary Furniture

The modern contemporary Furniture have a feature of clean, and sharp finishing. The legs of the coffee tables are thick and square. Materials like leather are used along with steel,  solid wood, and also other materials for making the dining chairs. It is being seen that the modern classic oak beds are very much in trend and style. They are considered more fashionable. The Furniture that are made with the material such as solid oak wood are very strong and durable. They last longer and they do have a style in them and are considered trendy and stylish too. Many international designers do opt for this solid material for making the furniture since it adds on to the beauty of the interiors done with it. International design compliments very well with the contemporary modern designs, if the material used are oak wood or something of its kinds. They make up a new style and the finishing is elegant too. Modern Furniture have a fancy finish on them which enhances the beauty and the style. The designs are made in such a way that more of different materials are used to make up the finishing touch of the Furniture.

Materials used in the modern contemporary Furniture

There are various materials that are used by the contemporary modern furniture designers. It completely depends on the designer and the designs as to which material should be used for making the Furniture. There are some materials which do not last long, but they give a very nice look and adds on to the beauty of the Furniture. But there are some materials which are very strong and have a very long life. They do not get damaged easily with days. Wooden Furniture with oak wood or mahogany wood are very good for making the Furniture last longer. Since they are very strong and hard, they are considered very durable who withstand from the hard and rough wear and tear of the regular family use or the office use. Wax is used for the finishing touch to enhance the beauty and add on to the beauty. It brings luster and shine to the Furniture giving it a completely different look. The wax polish will help the Furniture remain free from the stains and marks.

Interior Painting Ideas for The Kitchen

Tips for The Interior Painting Ideas for The Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where the women of the family spend most of her time. It has to be spacious, clean, comfortable, hygienic and with full light and the open area. The setup of the kitchen with its wall and the painting with the layout is really important. It adds to the beauty of the house. The selection of the colours of the paintings is really important since the appearance completely depends on it. The colors on the wall define the rooms and the interiors. The kitchen has to look beautiful and spacious and you cannot ignore it since it is very vital.

Kitchen and the walls

The walls and the updo in them are really important. Making a spacious kitchen is necessary for creating good vibes amongst the family members and the ladies. The texture and the design used on the wall will also be responsible in giving a different look to the kitchen. Before concluding on the final decision for the walls and the concept for the kitchen, try them on your own. You will really not want to spoil the room with your experiments. Therefore, check in with the other members of the family and get their ideas too. This will help you have more ideas and you put all of them together and make one new idea. Try out your hands in the interiors of the kitchen including the paintings.

Interior Painting Ideas for The Kitchen

Kitchen painting ideas

It is your own home and you have full freedom to try your innovative thoughts and imaginations. Try your hands and minds in selecting the colours for the kitchen. You can try in some patch work. Before having the whole room done, ensure that you are satisfied with your selection by trying in some place on the wall of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is used for cooking and various other purposes, the wall and the painting should withstand the tough and tear handling. You cannot use light colours in the kitchen since it will get spoiled very soon. If you are not comfortable with your ideas and choices you can always rely on the internet for more ideas and information. Try using them in your kitchen and check whether they work or not. Choosing a paint colour is hard in the kitchen. You would not want them to look a dark room by using the darker colours, but at the same time you cannot use the lighter shades to make the room look spacious since they will get spoiled soon.

The interior colours of the kitchen are very important that they suit your home and living and the same time they complement the usage to. There are some houses where you will need to make a large kitchen for the joint families. The cooking is more and the spoiling will also be more. Ensure that you don’t use the lighter shades in such circumstance. You can go on with the medium shade colours and try them on the wall of the kitchen rooms.

Furnitures in Your Dining Room

Best Ideas For The Furniture in Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are something where you spend most of the time. Be it studying or eating or spending some time after the meals with your family and friends. Children do find it more comfortable to sit in the dining room for spending time with their parents sharing the time spent at school. Therefore, it has to be very much comfortable for using it. Building a house is not difficult, but setting up the home with the comfort of the family members is very difficult. You need to look in all the nooks and corners for every single thing. The lights in the rooms, the windows, the curtains, the paintings, the texture of the wall and last but not the least the furniture. They have to be all very comfortable to match into the living style and system.

The dining room furniture

There are various ideas that you can implement when making the furniture for the dining room. It completely depends on the designs you would but selecting is really important. You have to look into the space used by the furniture and also the setup. The furniture in the dining room need to be very strong and durable. At the same they have to be comfortable too. Just buying a fancy set of furniture for the dining room will not be enough. Ensure that they are comfortable to use and are durable even if it is used roughly in the dining room by the children and the other family members for various purposes.

Furnitures in Your Dining Room

Ideas for the furniture

Before selecting the furniture, check what is the size and space available in the dining room for the furniture. The area needs to be kept in mind. The furniture should not occupy the whole place and it should be spacious even after putting the furniture in the room. Check the shape of the room too. If the room is long and narrow, then you can select a rectangular shaped dining table. This will fit in the room and give you more space to walk in. If you are setting up the table for the conversation then a round table will help you put in the setup. They are very great for the family conversations and meet ups. Make sure that there is some space between the wall and the furniture. Allow your table and the furniture set in such a way that it allots more space for walking around in the dining room. It should not be congested and narrow or fully occupied.

The leather chairs and the wooden table add flair to the space in the dining room. While selecting the fabrics for the cushions of the furniture, select the ones which will withstand the stains and strains.In case you are not comfortable with the chairs or the space does not allot to the furniture, then go for the traditional benches that are easily available in a wide range. You can select them from the furniture stores, according to your style and selection.

Ways of Saving Electricity at Home

Ways of Saving Electricity at Home

We quite often hear news about energy conservation, green living, etc. As the natural resources are limited, it is suggested for everyone to be energy conscious which helps both our planet and our pocket too. Electricity is also a natural resource and is limited. There are many little things that can be done to save us a lot of money in the long run. Gaining control over energy consumption is not difficult as one may think. Making conscious effort can save lots of money on electricity bills. Developing this habit is as simple as switching off those lights. Here are the some ways of saving electricity at home.

Ways of Saving Electricity at Home

a) Develop the habit of flipping switches. Turn off all lights and fans when they are not in use, especially when you leave the room make sure you turn them off.

b) Electronic appliances like flat TVs are on standby mode when they are not in use, but standby mode also consumes electricity use to 5 to10 percentages. The simple solution is to connect all your electronic appliances and devices to a power strip that can be managed to turn off when they are not in use.

c) Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They are energy saving and are expensive in comparison to incandescent bulbs.  But this is a worthy investment, pays off in the long run.

d) Make sure that home insulation is proper all the times. As air can leak through small leaks and cracks in windows and frames, triggers additional load on thermostats to keep the room temperatures in condition. Develop the habit of checking home insulation at regular periods of time. Properly insulated home improves home efficiency up by 20 percent.

e) Trees are excellent air coolers. They do an excellent job in cooling the house during summer and insulate the house during winters. It is highly recommended to plant more trees around the house.

f) Refrigerator is one of the highest electricity consumers in a home. Make sure it is well maintained. Do not leave the door open for longer times. Clean under the refrigerator and dust on the coils and condenser at regular periods of time.

g) Start developing the habit of using natural light that is plenty available during the day time. Make sure the home is properly ventilated and the windows open to allow enough natural light to get inside and keep the house warm and lighted.

h) A programmable thermostat for cooling and heating needs is ideal for homes. It can be set to energy saving levels automatically. This setting comes very handy when you are away from home or asleep.

i) Regular check of air conditioners and heater filters is advised to keep them free from accumulation of debris and dust particles, to prevent additional work load on them that requires more electricity consumption.

j) Purchase energy efficient and branded electric and electronic appliances. Though they are expensive initially they save a lot of money in the future.

k) If you are about to turn the air conditioner on, make sure to close blinds. Room gets hotter without curtains to block the outside sunlight. Therefore adding additional load on air conditioner to keep the room cooler and increasing consumption of electricity.

l) Unplug cell phone chargers when they are not in use. They continue to use electricity even if the phone is not connected.

m)    Weather stripping on exterior doors must be checked regularly. Make sure they are in good shape. Replace them if they are worn out.


Energy Saving Tips for Home

10 Energy Saving Tips for Home

Are you scared about your electricity bill? Are you unable to spend the money required to transform your home into a self sustainable place? Here is the good news. Some simple, convenient and more ways to save energy and money. Start today and put them into practice.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL Bulbs

An easiest way to save energy is by switching to CFL bulbs and ditching incandescent light bulbs. CFL’S consume approximately 80 percent lesser energy and lasts 15 times longer, though they are expensive to buy but they pay off themselves in five months.

Start using power strips

Plug electronic devices like computers, TVs, disc players, printers, speaker’s lights etc into power strips and flip the switch when the devices are not in use during nights. Turning off electronics during nights by using power strips can save nearly 10percent of power bill.

Turn down the temperature in water heater or geezer

Decreasing the temperature of water heater to 120 degrees F. and if water heater is not insulated, it is suggested to wrap an insulating blanket around it. It prevents heat flowing out and brings the water to boil real quickly.

Adjust your heating and cooling

It is recommended to play around with thermostat settings to 68 degrees F when you are at home and 55 degrees F. during night. Wear a sweater during the day and extra blanket at nights can keep you warm.

Energy Saving Tips for Home

Full your freezer

It is observed that a full freezer runs more efficiently than one with only a few items in it. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and freeze them for use throughout the year.

Solar control window film

Replacing windows of home with energy efficient ones is extremely expensive; an ideal inexpensive alternative suggested would be solar window film.  It’s very easy to apply and blocks harmful ultraviolet rays entering home and prevents fading of your home decor. It further reduces energy bill.

The habit of flipping switch

It’s always convenient to be lazy, to have the light on when you open the door especially garage. Make it as a habit to turn on and off the light whenever you enter and leave the room or garage. It doesn’t take much effort to develop this little power saving bill.

Love your leftovers

While preparing dinner or lunch, make some extra so that you can enjoy a few no-cook or low cook meals later. Left over recipes like chicken, fish, ham, can be used to make sandwiches and salads. Left over vegetable curries can be used to make omelets or used as a spread.

Prefer full load wash

doing small loads of dishes or laundry can cost a huge on pocket. Therefore it is suggested to wait until you accumulate the full load of clothes for washing. This same is applicable to dishwasher as well.  Fewer loads cut down electricity and water bills significantly.

Weather stripping

Check Weather strips regularly to make sure they are in good shape and condition.  Replace them immediately if damaged.

Simple Summer Ideas for your Home

Simple Summer Ideas for your Home

If you are thinking of updating your house, apartment or living space then summers are the best to carry out this task. You won’t believe but you can do it within a small budget. Try out these ways:-

Keep on experimenting with fabric

During summers you should use lighter and breezier fabrics. Try using materials like silk, rayon, chiffon, lace and linen. Doing full house update will cost you a lot so begin with small things that can make a difference in the environment around you.

Simple Summer Ideas for your Home

Look to accents

Pay equal attention to small things. Pick up a handful bright pillows or a new rug. Replacing it won’t cost you too much and will have refreshing effect. Try being creative to create a new world of yours. Try experimenting fun accents apart from trays, plates, etc.

Work color

Play with colors. It has the most effect on the room. Prefer opting for bold hues, dynamic palettes, etc. For summer and springs you can simply go for grass green, orchid, yellow and orange. There are pretty good options that are available in color pastels which you can experiment with.

Redesign the old

Buying to renovate your home may seem to be easy but it’s a pain to the purse. You may prefer having new furniture to update your house. But some old things are masterpiece and cannot be replaced so easily. You can transform those things by refinishing, painting, etc. You can experiment combining colors, adding unique designs or have a natural look.

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

Kitchens are the soul of the house. They create energy and warmth in them. It brings out the best culinary skills in a woman. It’s the place where moms create tasty meals for their princes and princesses.

Designing kitchens is an art and a science. Science tells you placement of hob, sink and fridge in a triangular position beings in greatest work efficiency. Ergonomically designed furniture ensures that each nook and corner of kitchen space it utilized to its best. The art form comes in the play of colours, placing items that uniquely define their use in each individual home and creating the best ambience.

Modular kitchens have been around since very long and have slowly gained acceptance and recognition in India. People were used to having carpenters working away inside their kitchens for weeks to create a work space for the woman. However nuclear families and working women have generated the need for faster installations. In modular kitchen designs you could walk into a modular kitchen showroom choose cabinets, kitchen layout and shades within hours.

 Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

While this gives complete freedom and flexibility, choosing the right furniture, that would completely express all kitchen needs, is important. Kitchen furniture manufacturers are constantly working to create cabinets and working spaces that fulfill every large and small need. Cabinets with wooden shelves have been replaced by steel drawers that move on ergonomically designed sliders that shut at the touch of a finger. Each drawer is then given partitions that will snugly hold all your cutlery, plates, bowls and crockery. Corners cabinets are uniquely designed to suit your needs to either hold your gas cylinder or your food items.

Kitchen now is a place to show off as you can do when you install an open kitchen. Island kitchen that have a centre table with storage space become a meeting point for family and friends to gather around and share their day and their experiences.

Contemporary kitchen manufacturers are constantly increasing their range of products and colours to give you that perfect yet unique kitchen. While the cabinets design that you choose is standard, each cabinet could be fitted to cater to your unique requirements. Sleek World showrooms around the city display all the options and opportunities that you have to create the ideal work space for you that entice you to create culinary masterpieces, which you and your family could enjoy for years to come.

Johnsons, the tile company, has also jumped into the fray launching a set of Indian and German modular kitchens for each income class.  Godrej Interio is offering a 15% discount and a free Air Conditioner or chimney on purchase of a modular kitchen.

All this variety is ensuring that customer becomes king and gets the greatest value for his money when he steps out to buy a great looking kitchen for himself.


Bedroom Furniture is a Tool for Creating a Cozy Ambience

Bedroom is a place of warmth and peace. Unlike the living room, that must reflect modern trends and ideas, the bedroom reflects who you are. It is away from the prying eyes of people who visit you. You share it with your closest and dearest ones.

However sometimes space constraints don’t let you express yourself completely in this private space. Sometimes furniture lands up occupying more space than your own free expression. Don’t give in to the urge to fill your bedroom with clutter-some furniture. The list of furniture will include the bed, wardrobes, the chest of drawers, the bedside tables, the tables and chairs, the dressing table etc. Furniture should fit your style and budget. Modular sets are now available that get you up to speed in setting up your bedroom quickly. For example Godrej Interio is pioneering this trend in India for bedroom furniture.


Don’t use bedroom furniture that dwarfs the room but one that blends into it. When you are tired and making your way to bed you don’t want to be dashing into side tables and chairs. Minimize chairs to create more open space. If you need one maybe use could use a bean bag in a quiet corner. Keep the furniture flowing and blending into each other.

If you have a small home, beds with storage give you the advantage to store your linens and bedsheets. Settle for a queen size bed rather than the cumbersome king size bed. Mewada Enterprises is a Mumbai based manufacturer of furniture. According to Mr Deepak Mewada, Director, Mewada Enterprises ‘These days people are preferring small beds with no storage, in light colours so that the room looks more open.’

Use wall space effectively by adding cabinets around the bed rather than going in for supersize cupboards. If you can add the mirrors to the inside or outside of your cupboards, this will cut out the need for a separate dressing table.

For the children’s bedroom use a sofa cum bed that could be used as bed at night and could be shut up during the day giving them more play space. Says Deepak, ‘ people prefer single beds for their children rather than bunk beds reason being bunk beds are normally 5 feet long and as kids grow this size beds are insufficient for them.’

If the bedroom is for senior members of the house avoid using side tables with lower drawers as it avoids the inconvenience of bending low to retrieve items or medicines.

Keep playing with ideas and furniture concepts along with your Interior designer till you come up with a bedroom that is an expression of your individuality. Keep it uncluttered and attractive. When you wake up it is the first space you are going to see.

Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends Over The Last 50 Years


The era of the flower patterns. They were not invented in the 1960s, but back then they were one of the most trendy decorating styles. You could see them in many household pieces like wallpapers and upholstery. It has back then when open plan living was created and people saw the need of combining rooms into a big one with areas for different activities.


Due to the poor economic situations, interior trends settled down. People stopped with all the experimenting and started renovating old buildings, towers, even barns were turned into living spaces. The urge for new and unknown designs was long gone. What 1970s were about was mostly comfort. The centre piece of a living room was the velvet couch with colourful pillows. A common accent were the cheap wood paneling’s, laminate counter tops and linoleum floors.

Interior Design Trends


The 80s were all about experimenting. That is why we can see salmon pink walls and even pink bathrooms. The trend with the so-called “popcorn ceilings” is probably one of the ugliest interior trends we have seen. It started also in the 80s. Either you love this era trends, or you hate them! People back then were in love with the Matchy-Matchy way of decorating where even the curtains were matching the sheets, the walls and the floors.

salmon pink interior trends


In the 1990s people were too busy discovering all the benefits of the new technology. This is when minimalistic style became a leading trend and people decided the home interior should be clean of clutter and with simple lines. In the computer age stainless steel. Light wood and simple lines were the most preferable interior decisions when it came to our homes.

minimalistic style interior

The New Millennium

Nowadays, people mix and match all kinds of different trends. We have taken the best from the previous decades and we have turned our homes into unique combinations of vintage and rustic with a sprinkle of modern contemporary design.  Both natural and synthetic materials are combined to create a unique atmosphere with furniture pieces from different periods. You can see different styles people choose for their homes, from vintage to contemporary. The important part is that different pieces are combined in order to create a unique home atmosphere.