Natty Interior Décor to Spruce up your Lounge

The living room is often the focal point of many Christmas gatherings, where families, friends, and guests gather to savor the sumptuous holiday spread carefully prepared for the occasion. Your lounge should thus be the coziest part of the home since it serves as the front row to all revelry. This is where you welcome your guests, catch up with old friends, open your exquisitely wrapped presents, or where you simply hang out and Netflix binge your weekend. Spin on your lounge with brilliant fixture this festive season and marvelously curate your living room designs with certainty of nostalgic moments with Crate and Barrel’s assemblage of clean, classic and modern home furniture designs, which could readily add life to your living room during this season of cheer.

The Lounge Sofa:

Lounge Sofa

Refreshingly loll on this Crate and Barrel’s ultimate family room piece. It is upholstered in a high-performance fabric and features deep, low seats and soft back cushions that are perfect for warm and snug family time.

Cadeau Striped Wool Blend Throw:

Wool Blend Throw

This snuggle-worthy cadeau wraps in warmth with its alpaca-blend and boucle yarns. It is fit for swathing on the lounge sofa.

Metropole Leather Chair:

Metropole Leather Chair

This leather seat is inspired by a 1930s Parisian club chair and is an heirloom in the making. Layer this couch with neutral tones to create a timeless room that is contemporary and elegant. Pile on colorful print pillows and plaid throws to embellish the look.

The Beckett High Shelf:

Beckett High Shelf

Perfectly hold all your entertaining needs with this sturdy and richly grained Sheesham wood perfect for holding all your entertaining needs. This piece has a cuckoo clock that can stand alone or be mounted on a wall. It has bi-chime functions and a light sensor so it does not ring in the dark.

Bringham Metal Vases:

Bringham Metal Vases

This iron vase has an intriguing finish that melds silver, deep grey and bronze to achieve the look of an aged artifact. Place it on one corner of your living room and adorn it with a faux golden sunflower or tulips for an aesthetic look.

Walnut Shelf Unit:

Walnut Shelf Unit

Accentuate your living room with this masterpiece. You can simply accommodate all your lifestyle essentials with this unit. Get your living room organized and assemble your medals or decorations. You can also pair this shelf with Muji’s Stackable Rattan Basket with lid to properly store items by purpose.

Your living room will be gleaning in style with such classic pieces. Expect one festive, fun-filled, yet cozy gathering over the holidays for beautifully and creatively bedecking your lounge.

Featured pieces are available in Crate and Barrel stores at the SM Aura Premier, SM Makati and SM Megamall. Muji products are available in its store at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati City.