Outdoor Dining Furniture

A patio doesn’t only enhance the outer beauty of your home, but can also be used for a variety of other useful functions like leisure seating and outdoor dining. There are many factors associated with selecting and maintaining outdoor dining furniture  that we are going to discuss here so that you do not end up making a mess of your house exteriors.

You can opt to order them from a number of online retailers in addition to the furniture marts. Be prepared to have the luxury of an amazing outdoor dining in the comfort of your home.

  • Zeno Dining Table:

Zeno Dining Table

This table is a perfect combination of elegant style and functionality. This is a contemporary dining table which is handcrafted to the highest quality. Its geometric shape gives it a unique shape. This table is ideal for gardens or balconies.

  • Palissade Collection:

This collection is made of standard steel tubes. The collection was conceived without a specific context for use in all types of environment like restaurants, gardens, terraces and balconies.

  • Hampstead Dining Table:Hampstead Dining Table

Hampstead dining table is a four person table and chair set, which can be used in all weather conditions. It has a waterproof cushion which gives it a long term life and also adjustable fit for usage on uneven ground.

  • Taranto Dining Set:Taranto Dining Set

This is made from synthetic wicker, which provides its durable design. It is a concrete garden furniture with water resistance and has no effect of sun, rain or cold. This table meets all requirements like visual and structural.

  • Choose the right location:

Selection of the location for the setup is of great importance given the fact that it can either add to the beauty of your house, or completely destroy it. Do not commit the mistake of ignoring the large balcony and pocket garden space! They have the capability to create magic when utilized efficiently. Keep enough space for several side tables, seating for numerous people and a fire-pit for the winters. It is always a good idea to save some space for any future additions that may add a creative and influential touch to the whole setup.

  • Selecting the make and quality of the furniture:

You can opt for wooden or steel outdoor dining furniture depending upon your choice, but make sure the quality is superb since the pieces of furniture will stay out in the scorching sun and also get to feel the drizzles at times; and may be stored in the garage or other storage area for a part of the year. They need to be durable enough to take all the pain inflicted upon them as a result of weather changes and normal wear & tear.

Teak, eucalyptus and cedar prove to be very good choices in terms of long-lasting and durable wood, while oak and pine should be avoided because of their nature to deteriorate easily. Teak is on the expensive side, but it can stay the forces of nature for over 100 years too, so it is probably the best option. In terms of metals, aluminium and wrought iron with stainless steel joints are the two best choices. Plastic and synthetic sets are affordable, but are not the best option since they make the appearance dull and rather induce tackiness in the looks of your exteriors.