Americana Decorating Ideas

Whenever we think about decorating our home there are several things which we must take into consideration. Decoration plays a crucial role to bring lavishness to our home, office and most important to polish our personality. There are several innovative decorating styles in the world which one can use to decorate the dream home.

Americana decorating design offers both casual and appealing style. These decors come with materials which are easy to care and its truly perfect options for families with children. Americana decorating come with different forms like patriotic, primitive, country farmhouse, Americana decor max, and many others. They also come with various motifs which are folk art, geography, and history. We can make use

This Americana decorating style is trending in the world with its unique design and addition of different functionality.

  • Patriotic Theme

If one has to recognize the Americana home decor style patriotic theme is one of the most used themes. It’s a formation of:

  • Stars
  • Flags
  • Blue, White and, Red color combination
  • Uncle Sam
  • Statue of Liberty
  • 1776 Motifs
  • Combination of stars and stripes

This theme includes items like vintage maps, maps in old magazines from antique shops. They also need to be framed with yellowed maps. You can also make use of handcrafts in a different way. It’s important to use all these materials in different ways which bring can character and elegance to your home.

Americana Decorating Ideas

  • Primitive Americana Decorative

Primitive Americana decorative designs mostly include tramp art, vintage advertising signs, folk art and other. Fresh flower in a jar or arranging dries flower in an old water can brings a unique type of color to your house.

Some other decorative designs are:

  • Twig furniture
  • Patchwork
  • Red-ware
  • Spinning wheels
  • Faded colors

In this primitive Americana, decor texture plays a crucial role. The addition of worn and rusted metals gives a special character to a room.

  • Farmhouse Americana

This decor style is in use from several decades and it’s one of the most used form of decorating. Country farmhouse decor can be colored with a different color which ranges from primary colors to faded peach. Its style can vary from Colonial to Kitschy or combination of them.

The farmhouse style of Americana will often include:

  • Checked fabrics
  • Overstuffed furniture’s
  • Eyelet
  • Chintz Fabrics
  • Colonial Style

Colonial style architecture is mostly in use while making the houses in the America. In case you want to design your home with colonial style for interior there are options with which you can go. You can choose rustic feel theme or opulent feel.  There are various colonial examples which you can make use of:

  • First-Period English
  • Colonial Revival
  • Federal
  • Georgian Colonial
  • Conclusion:

At the time of decorating a home, there should be a shared understanding between interior designers, architect, and homeowner. Because decorating a home is not a single a person’s work at all. Every individual associated with the process must involve with the open mind.