Unique Chandeliers Made Of Old Wine Bottles

Think about the humble and ever famous wine bottle. What you see? A chandelier? Probably no and that is too bad since wine bottle chandeliers were truly stunning and they enhance tons of character at any space wherever they are displayed in. Therefore next time when you have wineglass, save the wine bottle for a DIY project.

Suspend a bottle-holding board from ceiling with chain. Use a caulk gun to apply silicone along the drilled holes. Then, insert wine bottles into holes until snugly and securely in place, and then insert bulbs up through wine bottles and then through drilled holes.

Rather than crafting a wine bottle chandelier on your own, you can simply buy one. Many readily made chandeliers are available in shops as well as online markets. If you want to have a picture perfect wine bottle chandelier with flawless finishing, go for ready-made bottle chandeliers.

The frames of wine bottle chandelier play a vital role since they support the entire weight of the chandelier. It would be ideal if they are made of iron or wood.

Wine bottle chandelier with copper frame gives a vintage effect due to its unique matt finished color. If the copper frames are not available, paint the existing frame with copper acrylic color.

Cheap Wine Bottle Chandelier

A chandelier doesn’t necessarily be made of numerous bottles and perfect strong frame. Even if you have three or four bottles, a cardboard which is strong enough to support the weight of these bottles and some bulbs are enough to make a cheap wine bottle chandelier.

Many a times, the wine bottles are green or brown in color. However, clear wine bottles are perfect for a living room chandelier since they transfers the same color of light emitted from the bulb.

The wine bottle chandeliers are brighter if their bottoms are cut. If you are new for cutting wine bottles, there are many online tutorials and videos available for learning how to cut wine bottles.

This Wine Bottle Dangle Chandelier hangs from rustic chains as well as offers 40W of brightness to any space. It holds up to twelve empty wine bottles.

Bring new life for the old wine bottles by means of the wine Bottle Drying Rack Chandelier. The antique-styled rack has six rows of tines where to display a few of your favored wine bottles.

The customary method was to place the wine bottles upside down in a wine bottle chandelier but placing them erect was a new fashion.

The wine bottles should be emptied and wiped clean before crafting because if any leftover wine was there, it may lead to leakage of electricity when bulbs are connected.




Create a stylish, French café atmosphere in the dining area with the French wine bottle chandelier. Designed after anantique piece, this chandelier is made of weathered-glass bottles arranged on double metal frame just for a rustic look.

These upcycled frosted wine bottles create budget lighting for a kitchen, bar, wine cellar or dining room. They are more preferred because they are fashionable as well as cheap.

Needless to say, a chandelier needs to be hanged in the ceiling. Since, we are using glass bottles, they must be fixed carefully and firmly in the stand to avoid damage.