People always aspire to make their houses look the best and some luxury interior design ideas are the perfect to way to achieve a spectacular and sophisticated interior without burning a hole in the pocket.

1. Crown Molding

Crown Molding

Spaces lacking in crown molding offers an average look. When it comes to tying the ceiling and walls together, lack of detailing certainly offers the space with an unfinished look. The application of crown molding to walls by spending little amount of money helps to offer the space with a rich look. While selecting the molding, it is always recommended to opt for some wide trim to create a greater impact.

2. Pillows


Pillows are no doubt fabulous accessories for an oversized chair, loveseat or sofa but when it comes to design ideas, it is always advisable to opt for twenty two inch pillows instead of twelve or eighteen inch pillows. The overstuffed pillows are the best way to offer the interiors of the house with a luxurious feel.

3. Paint


Painting the interior is undoubtedly the toughest decision faced by most home owners. Those who are looking to offer their interior spaces with an affluence and sophistication should opt for high pigment or crisp white paint within neutral hue. Another way to offer the interiors with a luxurious feel is to paint doors inside the house with black. However, it is important to make sure that the decor of the house need to be accordingly chosen.

4. Window Treatments


Window treatments are an integral part of interior designs and there are several options to choose from. It is always better to avoid flimsy curtains along with unlined ones as they offer poor quality. The best way to find the right curtain for the house is to visit local home store and the experts will help in selecting the most appropriate window treatments that too within an affordable price. The curtains need to be hung from near the ceiling as it projects an illusion of fullness.

5. Lighting

Interior of the stylish apartment 3D rendering

Ceiling fans along with nondescript chandeliers need to be tossed out. Instead of spending huge amounts on high-end lighting, one can explore the second hand store or flea market to get a better deal. The right piece of chandelier included within the house with modern designer looks certainly enhances the appearance and appeal of the house. Floor lamps and table lamps can be added in every room so as to create that expensive and luxurious feel and look.