A Guide to Bathroom Fittings

Bathrooms should be one of the cleanest areas at home, because it is where we clean and sanitize our bodies. To maintain a clean and germ free bathroom, we should consider every component found inside it. Inspection of every tool, equipment or device for functionality, effectiveness and usefulness is a must. To achieve this ideal bathroom, here are some tips that will teach you the right ways of enhancing your bathroom. While many people ignore the small details, bathroom fittings are one of the most used items in a house and can completely elevate a whole design. Below you’ll learn exactly what you’ll need for a functional, aesthetically pleasing and cohesive bathroom design.

Sinks & Faucets

Sinks & Faucets

It’s recommended to choose a sink before choosing the faucets, as the faucet may be too low or too high depending on the sink. When selecting a sink it certainly depends on your design preference. Keep in mind the available space, where the pipe locations are and safety requirements depending on who’s going to be using it.

Focus on customizing the faucets. Do you want an industrial, modern or an eclectic tap design? Copper, stainless steel? The material hardly has an effect on the performance so choose for your bathroom aesthetic.



There are two types of shower tap options – exposed and concealed. Exposed faucets are essentially when you can see the valves and often the pipes. Concealed is only when you can see the handle and control plate. Before choosing between the two, look into building regulations as some older buildings don’t allow the piping to be concealed.

Next, choose a shower head depending on your preference of water pressure, dual shower heads, hand held, top mount, etc.



Poor draining systems can mean plumbing problems and a hefty bill. A pop-up drain is suitable for bathtubs, a grid drain is a perfect option for showers.


Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are essential for storage and are a key focal point. Depending on your budget and room capacity you can really customize your vanity. There are dozens of designs available such as freestanding, wall mounted or “floating”, single sink and singular double-vanity.


Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are crucial for bathrooms, besides the obvious, they can make space appear larger. There are many styles of mirrors including baroque, minimalist, modern, French and much more. Light up mirrors are an amazing way to add brightness to space, too.

Exhaust Fans

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Humidity is certainly a problem in the bathroom. To avoid mildew and mold choose an exhaust fan to suck out excess humidity and let in fresh air. Depending on the area you can also choose a ceiling fan that allows better air flow, and they’re an awesome way to tie in a whole room.


Bathroom Heaters

Heaters are great to make a bathroom cozier especially in cold weather. There are many options such as under-floor, radiant bar, baseboard and heat lamps. Radiant bar heaters produce plenty of heat in a short amount of time. Heat lamps make a great option for smaller spaces and provide light.

Other Accessories

Bathroom Towel stands

Towel stands, soap dishes, baskets, candles and wall decor can perfectly tie in an entire design. Here, you can add your own touch of style and experiment with different textures, colors, and materials. Plants can add a touch of green and can purify the air.

By planning your design preferences ahead of time you’ll be able to achieve your dream bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative and add your personality to your space.