100 Attractive Wooden Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is surely a time for all celebrations, and the primary thing which comes to mind is fresh, new ideas for enhancing your lovely Christmas tree and its surroundings. Why don’t you go a bit non-traditional this year? Here are some ideas to spark you to think further creatively about the variety of tree you will be placing up this time. Listed below are some coolest and the attractive wooden Christmas trees found.  Go ahead! Select the one you believe that would fit absolutely for your Christmas mood!

Red Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Red Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Red Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Wooden slice ornaments with your wooden Christmas tree will give the classic touch to the Rustic Christmas theme, mainly if you finish them with the traditional red embellishments.

Wooden Christmas Tree Table Decoration

Wooden Christmas Tree Table Decoration

Wooden Christmas Tree Table Decoration

You may apply self-adhesive thick pads to the base of the wooden Christmas tree so as to fix and maintain the tree from spoiling a table surface.

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree

These are the hand painted vintage tree for enhancing low lighted room either as Christmas Decor or a centerpiece. They are also perfect for lodge decor or fireplace decor.

Green Wooden Christmas Tree

Green Wooden Christmas Tree

Green Wooden Christmas Tree

Bring a remarkable seasonal cheer with the green wooden Christmas tree. They give a natural effect when compared to the red and the other colors.

Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Have some extra wooden sticks lying nearby? Well great! You can put them to work and make a festive and sweet Christmas tree design for your walls! These are the most straightforward DIY wooden Christmas tree ever.

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree

This cool DIY wooden dowel Christmas tree will be perfect if you have got bounded space or a longing for something fresh, bright and completely unique. You can even ask your kids to make one for you.

Wooden LED Christmas Tree

Wooden LED Christmas Tree

Wooden LED Christmas Tree

You can decorate your handcrafted wooden Christmas tree with color-changing LED lights.  They give a pleasing effect to the tree and makes it an excellent additive to your hall this Christmas.

Wooden Scandinavian Christmas TreeWooden Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Wooden Scandinavian Christmas Tree

In reality, the Scandinavian style gives a rustic, vintage style that supports functionalism apart from jamming the space with accessories. During Christmas time, this fresh, clean aesthetic could be a delightful change from the artificial decors that usually marks the season.

Wooden Peg Christmas Tree

Wooden Peg Christmas Tree

Wooden Peg Christmas Tree

These wooden peg Christmas tree can be fixed onto gift bags & wrap, and they can be used as place card holder for Christmas lunch and parties. These are perfect small pegs for decorations and for pegging up Christmas cards.

Wooden Christmas Tree Star

Wooden Christmas Tree Star

Wooden Christmas Tree Star

This lovely wooden star, a Christmas tree decor is a perfect idea to top off the beautiful tree! It is made from used wood and brings a rustic charm to the well-decorated living room.

Lighted Wooden Christmas Tree

Lighted Wooden Christmas Tree

Lighted Wooden Christmas Tree

Get into the mood of the festival season with this glowing tree decoration. Colorful LEDs and snowy details aid to transform the home into a enchanting winter wonderland.

Wooden Triangle Christmas Tree

Wooden Triangle Christmas Tree

Wooden Triangle Christmas Tree

Try this glorious wooden Christmas tree idea, the cool wooden triangle tree craft with simple Christmas tree adornment holders! By this method, you can showcase your favorite Christmas tree ornaments stylishly and gorgeously.

Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations


Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Give your wooden Christmas tree a classic touch with these homemade, handcrafted and fun ornaments craft ideas. Also, you can make your own favorite Christmas decorations without spending much money.

Wooden Rustic Christmas TreeWooden Rustic Christmas Tree

Wooden Rustic Christmas Tree

This item takes rustic Christmas decoration to the next step!  If you like that country look, but you don’t want to spend money and time on it, driftwoods would be the best option.

Simple Wooden Christmas Tree

Simple Wooden Christmas Tree

Simple Wooden Christmas Tree

This green painted simple wooden tree made from few wood pieces and a pipe displaying a broad assortment of attractive ornaments is tuned with the joyful colors of Christmas.

Some More Attractive Wooden Christmas Tree Ideas:

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns

There is too much pleasure, and fulfillment in making Christmas tree ornaments on your own for your Xmas tree and mainly wood gives a charming country look to your tree.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Wooden Christmas tree ornaments will look pretty on your Christmas tree. You only need some natural materials like golden confetti, burlap or wood. You can also take a few things out of your backyard like wooden or acorn brunches to make these rustic ornaments.

Wooden Christmas Tree With Names

Personalized Wooden Christmas tree on display look really stunning during the merry season! It is an astonishing Christmas table centerpiece or display item in which your MDF tree features the family names through laser cut.

Wooden Christmas Tree Collar

This DIY natural wooden Christmas tree collar seems so tidy and clean under a Christmas tree and is less likely to be messy compared with a usual tree skirt. The medium color would look perfect on the dark wood floor.

German Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

A classic German Christmas tree needs traditional handcrafted Erzgebirge ornaments. They are always handmade, made from wood and are designed with affection and love – as those Erzgebirge items constantly are.

Make Wooden Christmas Tree

Save some floor space with this full-bodied wooden Christmas tree nestled in one junction of the house. Stamp some wood stain in order to get the rustic look. They are also pocket friendly.

Wooden Christmas Tree Advent

Count down the number of days to the big day with this beautiful wooden Advent Christmas tree. Put a small gift or candy in all of the 24 drawers. Children of all ages would love this excellently made wooden advent calendar box!

Christmas Tree Wooden Base

If you want to add a vintage touch to your décor, make a box-shaped wooden tree base and stuff it with gravel or any other material to secure the Christmas tree. For a rustic touch use an old container as a base packing it with sand, or make an old pallet box.

Wooden Toy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Complete the Christmas decor with this wooden toy Mini Ornament Set. Each little ornament has a wood construction and is coated in an old-fashioned method to add a rustic look to the Christmas tree. The Designs features include elves, Santa Claus, snowmen, angels, rocking horses, crèches , sleds, kids, and much more!

Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

These are splendidly detailed handcrafted Christmas Ornaments and seasonal festival decor designed solely with the requirements in mind! They create beautiful holiday remembrances to treasure for ages to come! They also make an ideal Gift for friends and family.

Wooden Christmas Tree Stand Box

You can check a few examples of wooden Christmas tree stand box and really like how they look under the tree. It would make the Xmas tree standup a little bit higher, and it will hide your unappealing stand better.

Wooden Box For Christmas Tree

You need not paint or decorate your wooden box for placing the Christmas tree. It will automatically gain a style in the festive decor and candle lights without any additional effort.

Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations Craft

If you always loved the country look, and you would like to add a little bit of comfy to your Christmas decoration this year, this is the choice for you. You can simply DIY all these looks with this tree decoration craft that definitely give off a feel of love, family, and warmth.

Nordic Wooden Christmas Tree

These Nordic wooden Christmas Tree Decorations have been molded and sanded from the cozy wood of pleasant evergreen trees intended to give any home a holiday feel. Decorate these trees with ornaments and coat them to match the home’s decor.

Vintage Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Using nature and some imagination, you can create your own holiday decorations or ornaments for just pennies. You can check out the projects made of vintage items and some things pulled from the recycle bin.

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you would like to give a freakish look to your wooden Christmas tree, then drape some wooden ornaments rather than the regular shiny and blingy glass ornaments. These are beautiful cut out Christmas tree ornaments mainly outlining the festival properties.

Wooden Christmas Tree Shelf

With a bit careful measurements and a few cuts, you can make this suspended wooden Christmas tree shelf which is ideal for storing small presents and festival odds and ends. It does not take up much area, so will be an excellent alternative to the Christmas tree, if you are tight on space.

Large Wooden Christmas Tree

These large, rustic, farmhouse styled trees are the supreme addition to your celebration mantel or a dominant thing in your usual decor. The Interlocking design permits for collapsible storage provided that each piece is made of solid wood.

Wooden Christmas Tree Yard Decorations

Making a wooden Christmas tree yard decor is an exciting project for the entire family. This project could be done in one or two hours, and kids of every expertise can help personalizing the trees with ornaments. You can start with a few embellishments and develop according to your wish and budget.

Wooden Display Christmas Tree

Showcase the ornaments on the innovative, sturdy wooden planks tree. Even huge ornaments will not look packed on the sturdy wooden display Christmas tree. Some even sized wooden sticks or planks are more than enough to construct this tree.

Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

Whether you are looking for a fabulous small-space solution otherwise the second tree to accompany your primary one, these wooden tabletop Christmas trees will fit the budget. You can leave the wood in its natural color for a rustic effect or can paint it with red and green to match the atmosphere.

Wooden White Christmas Tree

White decoration across a wooden white Christmas tree will be a preferred option for many. If you love this idea, you may give a try this year! Not only red and green but white is also a Christmas color since it falls in the month of snow.

Outdoor Wooden Christmas Tree

By deciding the style of outdoor wooden Christmas tree you desire to go with, you’d figure out which materials you will need. You can get them cheap and create some yourself, or you can also visit the nearby/ online hardware store of your choice.

Wooden Christmas Tree With Lights

You can illuminate the DIY wooden Christmas tree with LED bulbs which glows with warm shine when lit. Not only the Christmas tree but also the ornaments can be fixed with lights for some additional cozy effect.

Wooden Spiral Christmas Tree

The wooden spiral Christmas tree is projected from a single plywood sheet and can be elevated using the base cross and a couple of poles. Decorate it with candles, electric lights,  or glass balls that you choose to give a stunning effect each year.

Wooden Beads For Christmas Tree

This white wooden bead garland is a festive and fun addition to all holiday decor. This beaded garland is ideal for stringing through the Christmas tree, or some other larger spaces of your home a little extra dash of festival spirit is required.

Wooden Ladder Christmas Tree

It’s time to invade the garage, your father’s old tool room or troll the nearby yard sales. You’re going to crave to find a used, old, wooden ladder to make your own Christmas tree after reading this.

Wooden Branch Christmas Tree

A conventional Christmas tree dressed with red, gold and selected decorations is an enchanting sight to behold. However, if you are a little bit modern, don’t follow the typical Christmas tree decor and go for this innovative wooden branch Christmas tree.

Natural Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

If you want to give a natural effect to your handmade Christmas tree ornaments, leave them as is. Do not paint or decorate them artificially. To give more natural impact, you can use the green colored thread for hanging them.

Mini Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Kids will enjoy crafting and painting mini wooden Christmas tree ornaments for their mini Christmas tree or dramatic play. This lovely set of tiny wooden decorations is excellent for decorating a short Christmas tree or for the topmost branches of a regular tree.

White Wooden Christmas Tree

Sprinkle some charming festive cheer on the table and also around your house this Christmas with the white wooden Christmas tree. This will be a perfect match to the glittering decoration all over the home during this festive season.

Wooden Crate Christmas Tree

You will love this wooden crate Christmas tree design—it’s the excellent way to convert necessary storage solutions into beautiful holiday decoration! It is a useful and attractive project and all you need to do is invade your trash pile to build one.

Wooden Twig Christmas Tree

These free standing wooden twig Christmas trees look very beautiful; They can be left unadorned with accessories for a more natural effect. They are a right center piece and enhances a lovely rustic impact to any room during Christmas.

Modern Wooden Christmas Tree

Retro flocked trees, funky colored plastic trees or tinsel, as well as glitter trees were a significant trend some years back. However, now the flat packed modern wooden Christmas tree is a fabulous alternative.

Cheap Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

If you are opting a budget-friendly Christmas this year, try to make the majority of the decorations handcrafted. The Christmas tree ornaments can be bought from the wholesale shops or with a significant discount during the festive sale.

Wooden Log Christmas Tree

Wooden log Christmas tree is an awe-inspiring and original design, adjusted to both modern and classic styled spaces. Depending on the method you will decorate, they are ideal for homes which generally dominates wood.

Scandinavian Wooden Christmas Tree

With so much bond between modern Christmas festivities and the old Scandinavian carnivals, it is no wonder that the Scandinavian wooden Christmas tree has become such a favorite decorating choice for people of all ages.

Traditional Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

As you know, traditional wooden Christmas tree decorations never fail in making the atmosphere cozy, warm and sweet. They are sturdy and would look fabulous for several years, though if you do not have money and time to update the decor every year.

Wooden Light Up Christmas Tree

Add a delightful touch to every room in your house this winter with these stunning wooden light up tree decorations.  While the lights are turned on, they radiate a stunning mild white light that ensures to make any place in your home appear extra inviting.

Wooden Stick Christmas Tree

Insert many sticks in a zig-zag way to pile them together in the form of the Xmas tree, and you will get this stylish wooden stick Christmas tree.They can then be embellished with all sorts of knickknacks, yarn balls and some handcrafted ornaments.

Full Size Wooden Christmas Tree

Create your colorful forest of full-size wooden Christmas trees with a modern twist during this year’s holiday decoration! These fun and bright trees are made from fragile plywood and once crafted, they stand as a decent holiday display- ideal for a living room or study room.

Blank Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

These unpainted, smooth and natural blank wooden Christmas tree decorations are useful for personalized gifts. They have a caramelized edges to give a stunning embossing effect and plain background which will highlight your guest’s messages.

Wooden Christmas Tree Craft

The Christmas tree decoration is a tradition for some thousand years now. Decorated evergreens with twinkling stars and festive ornaments could be seen in almost every iconic festival image. However, many wooden Christmas tree craft tutorials are available today to replace the traditional trees.

Flat Wooden Christmas Tree

Flat wooden Christmas trees just do not take up a lot of space like the other type of wooden trees. These trees can be directly hung on the surface, or you can craft a base to have it free standing.

Personalised Wooden Christmas Tree

Personalised wooden Christmas Tree is a graceful finishing touch to be combined in with all the other decorations and tinsels in your home during Christmas!  It is also a thoughtful gift for your friends and relatives which can be used every year.

Wooden Christmas Tree Pattern

There are many patterns available to make these wooden Christmas tree which is very simple to cut out as well as assemble. You may then enhance them with your selection of finishes.

Wooden Shelf Christmas Tree

This unusual wooden shelf Christmas tree is the classic way to showcase all your Christmas treasures. Its design is versatile and simplistic.It can be made in two parts so that after Christmas you could still use as the display shelf.

Homemade Wooden Christmas Tree

Homemade wooden Christmas tree is a fabulous holiday decor idea, particularly for those people who are planning to go eco-friendly and economical this year. A wooden Xmas tree is convenient and economic besides being a fun winter DIY project.

3d Wooden Christmas Tree

3d Wooden Christmas Tree

Kick off your cheery Christmas crafts with these small wooden Christmas trees! The two wooden pieces plainly slide together making a standalone 3-D wooden Christmas tree. Also, decorating the unfinished wooden Christmas tree is a joy.

6ft Wooden Christmas Tree

The open, clean design of this 6ft wooden Christmas tree allows seeing all your Christmas embellishments at a single glance. With several branches, there is plenty of room available on the wooden Christmas tree for fixing lights to make the holiday night elegant and beautiful.

Miniature Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

There are cute miniature ornaments available on the market mainly for decorating miniature wooden Christmas tree. The common miniature ornaments include kid sledding, soldier, bird, Mrs. Claus,  2 boys, bell, bear on drum,Santa, and drummer.

Wooden Christmas Tree Card Holder

A wooden Christmas tree card holder will be a festive and unique way to display the Christmas cards. It is also a joyful and simple DIY project that the family and friends would love to embellish and to look at throughout the party.

Wooden Hanging Christmas Tree Decorations

Wooden hanging decorations are a fabulous addition to the Christmas tree, a real postable gift for a fun-loving friend or could be used even as a fancy gift tag for wrapping presents. As the design is imprinted by hand, you would get all the small quirks and blemishes that make them unique!

How To Make A Wooden Christmas Tree

You do not need to be an expert woodworker to make a wooden Christmas tree! So as to get started, simply collect the old pallets from the backyard, draw the layout, cut and paste them in the form of Christmas tree.

Wooden Christmas Tree Shapes

The typical flat wooden Christmas tree shapes would look great when left natural or embellished to match the theme. These festive tree-shaped ornaments would be excellent for your scrapbook pages, gift tags, handmade cards and holiday crafts.

Wooden Christmas Tree Designs

Everything is being recycled and reused in the “Go Green” world, and so your Christmas tree and its decorations. There are many designs available online from 2 inches to 20 feet wooden Christmas trees. You can choose and make a try as per your choice.

Wooden Christmas Tree To Paint

Paint the wooden Christmas tree in white to get a clean and pure effect. If you like to bring bright spots inside, coat the natural wood with vivid green, light pink or serene blue. These colors enliven the space andadd a vintage feel to the interior.

Tall Wooden Christmas Tree

Assembled by hand for adding a little taste to the holiday décor, this tall wooden Christmas tree boasts doesn’t look fancy, but resembles the traditional Christmas tree sampling. For a personalized touch, you can add lights, ornaments, bows, popcorn strings–anything as per your wish.

Wooden Advent Christmas Tree

Countdown the days until Christmas with these lovely wooden advent Christmas trees! Decorate with glitter, glue, decoupage and much more to make every day something special. You can also pop in a set of seasonal gifts or handcrafted delights for your friends to enjoy.

3d Wooden Twig Christmas Tree

The 3d wooden twig Christmas tree is an excellent decoration for a rack, mantelpiece, windowsill or table centerpiece. It also comes pre-decorated with natural cones, wooden stars and a dust of fake snow.

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