Lovely Crochet Pillow Patterns for Decorating Your Home

Enhance your decor on crocheting new pillows! The crochet pillows, as well as pillow covers, score a great accent toward any home’s decor. These crochet pillows are also an excellent project for impressing guests. You will love them because they’re so versatile and customizable. Here are some gorgeous crochet pillows patterns that add a classic touch for your bedroom, home office, drawing room, and much more! Happy Crocheting!

Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

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Valentine’s Day is now around the corner, so it is time to start some passionate projects!  This heart-shaped pillow will score a stunning handcrafted touch to chair, bed, bench or couch.

Crochet Owl Pillow Pattern

Crochet Owl Pillow PatternImage Source:

This adorable large Owl Pillow can be easily crocheted in your cozy favorite yarns, preferably Bernat Baby Blanket yarns. Originally featured for the couch, this pillow will also be a perfect item for kids’ playroom or bedroom!

Crochet Bolster Pillow Patterns

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Once you crochet your bolster pillow, you will wonder how you lived without one all these days. Bolster pillows provides better support than conventional pillows, helping you get more comfort, sleep better and continue crafting longer without pain.

Basket Weave Pillow

Basket Weave PillowImage Source:

The basket weave texture and design of this DIY pillow is achieved by a simple combination of purls and knits. Even the most amateur knitter can beat on this amazingly easy knit pattern.

Crochet Pillow Doll Patterns

Crochet Pillow Doll PatternsImage Source:

It is a two in one decor in which your kids can play with and also can take some good rest on them after playing. It is also a perfect gift for baby showers and birthday functions.

Crochet Christmas Pillow Patterns

Crochet Christmas Pillow PatternsImage Source:

When you set up the Christmas tree and adorn your halls amidst holly and ivy, perhaps it’s time to enhance all your cozy couches, window seats and bed with these festive Christmas pillows. They are the best handcrafts to do during the holiday season.

Crochet Flower Pillow Pattern

Crochet Flower Pillow PatternImage Source:

Have some fun by crocheting this incredibly layered flower pattern and then turn it into a bright flower cushion/pillow. These are perfect for the chairs in the garden as they go well with the ambience.

Crochet Baby Pillow Patterns

Crochet Baby Pillow PatternsImage Source:

What else can give more comfort than the soft and delicate yarns to the sensitive skin of your little ones? Ensure to select the mild colored yarns since these pillows are ideally intended for newborns.

Bacon and Eggs Pillow

Bacon and Eggs PillowImage Source:

Bacon and eggs are not just for breakfast. The decorative Bacon & Eggs Pillow will be a unique decor item that will make guests laugh while they come over. It is the perfect crochet pattern to gift for the chefs and foodies in your life.