15 Attractive Felt Ball Rugs

Color is a global language. Therefore if you choose the right color in whatever design you are doing, it’ll positively impact lots of people. Felt ball are accessible in all the fantastic vibrant colors which refresh up your mind while crafting and gives positive energy while using.  If you desire to add more color to your home,  girl’s nursery, boy’s nursery, or neutral themed nursery then go for this felt ball rug projects.

How to Make a Felt Ball Rug

How to Make a Felt Ball Rug

How to Make a Felt Ball Rug

Crafting a felt ball rug might sound like a difficult task to many of you. It is not so tricky but the time involved in creating them will make you feel tiresome.

Freedom Felt Ball Rug

Freedom Felt Ball Rug

Freedom Felt Ball Rug

This type of rug is so pretty and vivid for a nursery or child’s room. It is made of pure and soft felt balls. This freedom felt ball rug is almost one inch thick, so it is soft and provides superior  insulation.

Marshmallow Felt Ball Rug

Marshmallow Felt Ball Rug

Marshmallow Felt Ball Rug

Children spend the majority of their play time on the floor. It is where they cherish, imagine and observe the world. Every ball is hand-felted and lovingly stitched mutually. They feel splendid underfoot and could be used on both sides.

Large Felt Ball Rug

Large Felt Ball RugLarge Felt Ball Rug

Are you searching for something innovative for your room? Make this large felt ball rug which is extremely attractive. These can be made of a variety of colors including pink, blue, grey and white.

Pastel Felt Ball Rug

Pastel Felt Ball RugPastel Felt Ball Rug

These stunning pastel felt ball rugs are ideal for any room of your house. With the beauty and creativity of this design, these large rugs would last for lifetime and will definitely get a positive comment.

Blueberry Felt Ball RugBlueberry Felt Ball Rug

Blueberry Felt Ball Rug

These Blueberry Felt Ball rugs are made particularly for little boys. Originally made for little boys’ room, it boasts a mix of greens and blues to compliment the decor.

Happy As Larry Felt Ball Rug

Happy As Larry Felt Ball RugHappy As Larry Felt Ball Rug

Happy as Larry’s goal is to make goods that are pretty, magical and long-lasting. These felt ball rugs are truly handmade, sustainable and sturdy. They can be made in all bright colors.

Round Felt Ball Rug

Round Felt Ball RugRound Felt Ball Rug

The round felt ball rugs are made of different designs and color combinations. These Handmade Felt rugs were of high quality as well as the wool is very smooth and silky.

Grey Felt Ball RugGrey Felt Ball Rug

Grey Felt Ball Rug

When combined mutually, the colors of grey and ivory are a striking combo. Every individual felt ball has a careful mixture of both colors. This grey felt ball rug can fit well into various settings.

Wool Felt Ball RugWool Felt Ball Rug

Wool Felt Ball Rug

Wool felt ball rug can be utilized as a floor carpet.It makes a warm feeling, particularly for kids. It looks very stylish and attractive enough to impress the guests.

Pink Felt Ball RugPink Felt Ball Rug

Pink Felt Ball Rug

It looks very rich and classy so that it fits wherever in your living room or kitchen or bedroom or office. Pink has its own attraction towards kids and so can be used to decorate the playing area.

Blue Felt Ball Rug

Blue Felt Ball RugBlue Felt Ball Rug

Each blue felt ball rug is made from high-quality wool which is immersed in soap water and rolled till they are roughly two cm in diameter. These are handmade and so durable when compared with the other rugs.

Felt Ball Rug RectangleFelt Ball Rug Rectangle

Felt Ball Rug Rectangle

Rectangle Felt ball rugs are very warm and add extra beauty to the room with its gorgeous designs and color combinations. They are available in all colors and sizes based on your requirement.

Freckle Felt Ball RugFreckle Felt Ball Rug

Freckle Felt Ball Rug

Give life to your dreams by making your own freckle felt ball rug. And this custom designed freckle felt ball rug could be an excellent craft for the beginners.

Rainbow Felt Ball RugRainbow Felt Ball Rug

Rainbow Felt Ball Rug

The beautiful rainbow felt ball rugs will be the perfect supplement to all room – very comfy, very special, and will shine up your surroundings as well as used for gifting purpose.