Children’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Do your kids crave for frequent night outs and don’t like staying in their own rooms? Well, here we are with few modifications and ideas that are gonna make your kids fall in love with their rooms by turning it into a center of amusement and joy.

Bunk bed ? Nah, boring.

Bunk beds have become so common that it has lost its exclusivity and charm. Why not use a child space saver bunk bed instead? This space saver is an all-in-one cupboard, study table, and a bunk bed. Add some drawers to the stairs for storing your kid’s precious things.

Racing car bed. Vroom. Vroom.

Remember that racing car bed that was mistakenly delivered at Monica’s place? Well, why not deliberately get a bed like that ? Surely your kids are into video games. The steering wheel at the bedstead will soon become your kid’s best friend and assist in reducing his video game addiction.

Teepee tent.

Well, why not spice up your kid’s room by creating an artificial campsite? The inclusion of a tepee tent will not only be unique but also the favorite hide-out place for the kids in the house. The tepee tent adds a subtle mystery in the room that’ll be cherished by your kids. And maybe the crooked man from conjuring will also emerge to spice up your life!

Children's Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Glider fun.

Take out that plain glider out of the store room and make it super chic with the addition of some cool cushions having geometric patterns. Toss in some vivid hues in the form of colorful pillows and blend them with some golden threads to add a regal charm. The glider makeover will not only attract the kids but also the other guests visiting your house.

Medallions and murals.

No, medallions and murals are not necessarily geeky. Rather it shows the classic French taste that your kid adores. If you have a kid who approves of murals of mythical creatures and motif medallions consider yourself more than lucky. You can also use some stringed beads to add an effect of fusion to the decor.


What about a cute little workstation exclusively for home-works and art and craft projects? A small desk, a funky chair and trendy little lamp, and your kid’s office is all set. Fill the furniture and wall with contrasting colors and sticker and add color to the study time.

Don’t trust us, try these out yourself and see the magic!