14 Coffee Tables Made From Old Doors

Do you have an old door simply lying around? Do you want an exciting coffee table? Do you want a fun and easy project? Fine then this is of course the article for you. All you need is basic measuring, cutting and stabbing skills but the end product will be so professional.

How to Make a Door Coffee Table

A proper planning and a neat finishing will give a marvelous end product so that no one can find that the coffee table is made from old doors.

Coffee Tables Made from Indian Doors

Customary Indian wood doors will be the perfect choice to decorate your garden or some other places and provide a dreamy look through its eye-catching and astonishing designs and finishing.

Antique Door Coffee Table

Rather than throwing away your old door, you can alter it into a beautiful coffee table. It will multiple your creativity and serves as a décor item without spending a single penny.

Old Barn Door Coffee Table

This table is designed from old barn door is particularly made for the outdoor areas. It naturally comes with a vibrant oil based finish.

Old Ship Door Coffee Table

It is an age-old method executed as much for the charming appearance as the function. It needs a unique vision to design a coffee table from old ship.

Door Coffee Table for Out-of-Doors

Probably the outdoor space of your home is one among the family’s beloved areas to pass time. Pair this no cost door coffee table with the wicker furniture to give a wholesome look to your garden or any other open space.

Arabic Door Coffee Table

Give an effect of Kingdom of Bahrain by adding these Arabic door coffee tables in your living room. The Arabic Doors with exciting calligraphic designs also look stunning.

Boat Door Coffee Table

These authentic door coffee tables are perfect for a patio with sea view. They are most appropriate for the vintage lovers.

Carved Door Coffee Table

Position this rectangular carved contemporary coffee table among a couch and a love seat. Hence, it will be a perfect area to set drinks while conversing with friends or family.

Cabinet Door Coffee Table

The cabinet doors can be used for covering the drawers of the door coffee table. On the other hand, mini coffee tables can be made from the cabinet doors by using its flat surface.

Chinese Door Coffee Table

Usually the Chinese doors have a smooth finish. Hence these will be a perfect choice for recycling as coffee tables or any other furniture you wish.

Castle Door Coffee Table

Give an outstanding look to any area of your home or office by selecting this rustic coffee table made of Castle Gate as well as Signature Black Wood.

Car Door Coffee Table

Making a coffee table out of car doors is quite difficult when compared with other door coffee tables. It requires some more additional skills to give a perfect look.

Distressed Door Coffee Table

After making the door coffee table, use cabinet scrapers to heavily distress the entire door. It will give an antique effect to the non-used table.

French Door Coffee Table

The glass top of the French door gives a glossy finish to the table. You can also make it colorful by painting the glasses.