Contemporary Living Room Furniture Ideas

Well, is it that time of the year again when you remain cranky and your boyfriend blames it all on PMS, the actual reason being a claustrophobic atmosphere in the house? We understand your pain, sister. Follow these cost effective, economical tips to refurnish your house with the long lost charm and get back your smile.

Ravishing Red.

Like Orange is the new Black, Red is the new crème de la crème. Fiery red on the accent wall with a balanced white fireplace, with a Champagne pink coffee table, popped up with Alabaster, Azure Mist, and beige throw pillows are the ideal vibrant and friendly living room.

 Patterns and pillows, oh my!

Floral, geometrical, ikats, trellis, what not! Plunge into the ocean of patterns and pamper your living room with the most trendsetting makeover. Mix the patterns and textures and get a smashing success on a simple color palette.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Ideas

White, white and more white.

The safest of all inducing grace since time immemorial. White wisp, Huntington white, China white, Honey milk, splash it all across your room on the furniture, on the walls, different textured pillows everywhere and create a white magic filled with simplicity yet opulence. Get matching storage bins and cabinets to hide your clutter.

Relieving recliners.

Incorporating the right type of central seating piece is no less complicated than rocket science. Target the accent chairs, recliners, lounge chairs to give your room a contemporary, modern seating that’ll emanate a sociable, friendly vibe. If you get that orange Central Perk couch just buy it without a second thought.

Enter the entertainment zone.

Not only to Joey and Chandler TV is the most important device to most of the people and hence it needs a bit more detailed attention. Include a wall unit that not only houses your TV but also the media and gaming consoles. TV stands are simple and nice but if you want something more lavish go for the comprehensive TV media storage that’s both stylish and functional. (Don’t forget to direct all your furniture towards the TV!)

Tables with taste.

A quite inexpensive way to spice up your living room is by insertion of different types of modern, accent tables. Pepper your home with unique and innovative nesting tables, coffee tables, end tables, accent stools, and ottomans. It enhances the modish look and proves your exceptional taste.

 Bold bookcases. And shelving.

Leaning, cube unit, ladder, Etagere, accent shelves, cubby shelves, there are so many out there that it’s hard to choose. Try to pick the right one that’ll blend with your interior decor and wall paints to impart a sassy appearance. Don’t only fill it with books but also keep faux plants and showpieces.

With a house like the Monica in you will never be disappointed and will happily cater every friend and guest. Surprise everyone with your charismatic creativity and be the talk of the town!