Create a Stunning Look with Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging baskets serve a range of functions from accentuating a front doorstep to decorating an empty wall. Irrespective of the purpose, they extend an opportunity to engage with plant com­binations for creating a riot of colors in your home. Today’s ever-shrinking lands mean only fewer areas are left to cultivate. Setting a hanging basket might be the best idea for expanding the gardening realm. It’s also the easiest way to connect your backyard with your home.

Hanging Basket Plants Ideas

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Hanging baskets focus only on the plants and not on containers. So, you can make use of the old, unused containers at home for hanging the plants. If you want, you can also recycle them.

Summer Hanging Basket Plants

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To make it simple, select a pre-molded coir basket. It doesn’t matter which flowers you use, but you should have some attractive flowers to fill in the center, and trailing plants to overflow gracefully along the sides.

Shade Hanging Basket Trailing Plants

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Create magic at your home through hanging baskets by combining easy-growing plants which have beautiful flowers. They not only decorate your home but also provide shade all through the summer.

Perennial Hanging Basket Plants

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Make use of perennial plants for the hanging basket for long-lasting value, since they begin to grow again during spring. Choose several varieties of attractive plants for interest and volume.

Cheap Hanging Basket Plants

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If you are running out of the budget, you can place only trailing plants instead of cozy flowers. They bring a new view to your window panes, hanging baskets as well as the containers.

Hanging Basket Foliage Plants

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Plants with tiny foliage and flowers produce a fine texture which adds subtlety to your garden. You will love this mild but effective combination — it is like touching snow during summer.

Common Hanging Basket Plants

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Hanging basket plants are now common due to the rise in city living. You may dress up a terrace, balcony or small patio with a variety of colorful hanging plants which you could mix and match until you’re satisfied.

Purple Hanging Basket Plants

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If you have some area with lots of sunlight, these purple plants will make great choices. Just do not forget that these hanging plants may have a tendency drying out faster, so maintain them well watered and ensure they are in perfect shade.

Tropical Hanging Basket Plants

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Some varieties like moss rose or portulaca can be planted as a seasonal plant at non-tropical places as well as a perennial at tropics in both hanging baskets and containers.

White Hanging Basket Plants

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Color can influence your mood — so apply it to your satisfaction. It is an excellent choice; full snowy white for a soft, dreamy look in a brilliant spot. The soothing color is ideal for your favorite locality to rest with a glass of lemonade and a good book.

Yellow Hanging Basket Plants

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The yellow flowers in the hanging baskets are attractive enough that your friends will not be able to stop taking a closer glance. This is the reason why the garden designers make use of yellow flowers often.