25+ Tiered Garden Walls

With the idea of strong and rigid walls, one can set up tiered garden looks as they help in making retaining walls stronger. On the other hand, to decorate your garden and outdoors this idea can promote a greener environment.

Tiered Planter

Tiered planters help in expanding your garden by utilizing less space and showing off your plants in a unique way.

Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Garden beds can be designed in other shapes and styles as well. There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to your garden. Experimentation in your garden with the tiered raised garden bed will definitely bring a glorious output.

3 Tier Planter

For the patios and balconies, the 3 tier planter suits the best as they consume less of your space and time both.

Tiered Garden Bed

Add little variation to your normal garden bed by converting it into a tiered garden bed. There are no specific rules that you can follow to make a garden bed. With some pieces of wood and glue, get started with the tiered garden bed.

Tiered Garden Planter

The best part about tiered planter is that they can be placed anywhere indoor and outdoor. For some decorative purpose, one can use small decorative plants in the tiered garden planter.

Tiered Planter Box

The garden planter consists of 5 levels and all of them contain different plants in it.  To make it more appealing, the planter boxes can be colored and sketched with various designs on it.

Three Tier Planter

Not only rectangular tiered planter but also circular tiered planters can be used in your balconies or patios. The beautiful flowers with vibrant colors catch everyone’s eye. Such three-tier planter can be used on your dining tables as well.

Tiered Garden Ideas

The following tiered garden requires a good amount of space in your garden. If not, one can go for small tiered garden ideas or can make your own. The following tiered garden idea looks well accomplished and managed.

Tiered Planters Outdoor Use

Create such small and cute tiered planters at the start as they require less of material and space. Such planters can be placed anywhere in the garden. The use of log planters is well applied along with tiered garden planters.

Tiered Herb Planter

Herbs are easy to maintain and they look cute when planted in the tiered herb planter. Herb tiered planter can be gifted to your dear ones as well.

Tiered Flower Bed

Another beautifully constructed tiered flower bed is here. With some patterns, one can create a theme by using tiered flower bed. The following flower bed is created perfectly by using certain colors of flowering plants together.

Tiered Vegetable Garden

Tiered planters can be used in planting your own vegetables in your garden. One can plant chilies, tomatoes and other vegetables together by planting different plants in different levels.

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