Chinese Paper Lanterns for Creating a Perfect Ambience

Chinese paper lanterns give a fabulous look to any home during celebrations. They can be individual or even created in strings of lights that are perfect to decorate your balcony or your backyard when you are throwing a party. They are also very cool to make and can be made as part of your weekend project involving kids. Here are some of the different types of Chinese paper lanterns and how they best decorate your home.

How to make Chinese paper lanterns

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Learning how to make Chinese paper lanterns can be very easy if you have few basic craft tools at hand. You can also decorate and color them yourself to suit the theme of any party. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can create a paper lantern in just less than 5 minutes.

Chinese paper lanterns DIY

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Chinese paper lanterns DIY allows to create these wonderful glitters in a quick and wonderful way. Here’s what you need and how to go about it.

Materials needed: A colored paper, scissors, pencil & eraser, tape or stapler, a ruler, makers and a string for hanging the lanterns.

How to DIY: ThisDIY project is very easy to do and can be completed in 4 simple steps.

Step – 1: Cut a paper ½ inch wide from a sheet measuring 8 ½ or 9 inches and fold the paper in half-length wise.

Step – 2: Mark lines every ½ “on the folded paper and cut on these lines. Make sure that you cut through both the folded pieces of paper.

Step – 3: Bring the edges of the paper together to make a cylindrical shape and glue the ends of the paper together.

Step –4: Attach the piece that was cut away in step 1 to make a handle and hang the lantern with lights of your choice and you’re done.

Chinese flying paper lanternsChinese flying paper lanterns

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Chinese flying paper lanterns are another way of adding amazement to your garden parties. Make lanterns of different sizes and colors and fly them after gently hanging on a string. This will also let the neighbors know that you are nailing the party.

Chinese New Year paper lanterns

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Chinese New Year paper lanterns are inexpensive and colorful decorations that add beauty to the eve. They are so quick and easy to make that you can literally make dozens of lanterns to cover almost all the areas of your home for a perfect décor.

White paper Chinese lanterns

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White Chinese paper lanterns will add an understated look and elegance to any space practically. The best part is that as it is a neutral color, a white Chinese paper lantern will perfectly work with almost any color scheme of the house.

Red Chinese paper lanternsRed Chinese paper lanterns

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These red colored Chinese paper lanterns are traditional and are also considered as good luck by many. Hand-craft each of them in different shades of red and in different paper styles and colors to make your home dazzling red and perfectly decorate for any party.

Chinese floating paper lanternsChinese floating paper lanterns

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These Chinese floating paper lanterns are also known as sky lanterns or Kongming lanterns. A small fire is suspended at the opening in the bottom to allow this magnificent lantern to gently sway high in the sky. However, the lantern should be fully opened to perform well and should not be creased at any angle.

Chinese hanging paper lanterns

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Chinese hanging paper lanterns create an awesome environment in the indoors or outdoors during any parties or festivities. These are very cheap and easy to do even when these is time constraint. They offer a wonderful look to the outdoors when hanged perfectly over an open area.

Round Chinese paper lanterns

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While shapes of all kinds are perfect for any occasion, round Chinese paper lanterns steal the show and are also very magnificent offering a sense of amusement to one and all. Not just restricted to occasional events, they can also be left permanently to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Chinese paper lanterns are one of a kind when it comes to beautifying your home either for a special occasion or just for the sake of creating the perfect mood inside your home. As they can be made simply using available materials in your desk, they are considered as better options to decorate your home quickly on a budget.