14 Easy No Sew Valance Tutorials

Are you running out of threads and needles? Are you tired of explaining tailors and spending money in making some customized valances? No problem! Many tutorials show you how to craft a simple valance without any sewinginvolved. You can make your own valances that absolutely match your floors and walls in no time.

No Sew Valance Kit

No sew valance kit

The name sounds technical but this is nothing but a measuring tape, a fine cutting scissor, and a roll of paper tape – some essentials for making the valances on your own.

No Sew Valance Foam

No sew valance foam

This is an updated version of wood valence – similar to icing on the cake. The foam is very affordable but ensure to use a shiny fabric for a cozy and stylish look.

No Sew Burlap Valance

No sew burlap valance

These are an ultrafast project since you can simply glue the fabric to the windows. Using bright colored ribbons for tying enhances its beauty.

No Sew Box Valance

No sew box valance

No sew box valance are generally made with cardboards. This will give a sturdy effect when compared with foam valance.

No Sew Balloon Valance

No sew balloon valance

These balloon valances will give a vintage effect to your home. These are super easy as well as a fun project to do at your spare time.

No Sew Bed Valance

No sew bed valance

Valances are not only intended for windows and doors but can also beautify your cots by appending one below the mattress.

No Sew Box Pleat Valance

No sew box pleat valance

Pleats give a royal effect to the valances but crafting them would be time consuming. This type is not the one which you can do on the go. However, the output will be worth the time.

No Sew Valance Curtains

No sew valance curtains

These valances can be turned into curtains by extending its length. If they want them to be just valances, you can tie them up using a tag.

No Sew Cornice Valance

No sew cornice valance

The cornices are readily available in the craft store and sticking the fabric to them with hot glue gives a neat finishing to the valances.

No Sew Valance With Curtain Rod

No sew valance with curtain rod

This type of valance can be made by tying contrast colored fabric pieces alternatively in the curtain rod. As you can understand, these are extremely easy and time saving.

No Sew Drop Cloth Valance

No sew drop cloth valance

Drop cloths are a prodigious source of budget decor.  They are available in a range of sizes and also are a great neutral shade. Simply draping them over a curtain rod is enough.

No Sew Hanging Valance

No sew hanging valance

Dress up the top of your windows with these cute hanging valances. Arranging their folds consistently in small width gives them a neat look.

No Sew Kitchen Valance

No sew kitchen valance

When it comes to kitchen, brightness is certainly important. Ensure that the valance do not prevent the sunlight but should be airy to let the smell out of the kitchen.

No Sew Roman Valance

No sew roman valance

I am sure that the roman valances will change the look of any room décor. They are extremely beautiful if some piece of the fabric is pleated at the sides.

No Sew Ribbon Valance

No sew ribbon valance

The ribbon valances are helpful in case you could not find a valance matching the room décor. In particular, these valances are more suitable for the kid’s room.