Money Saving and Easy Tips for Home Decor

Is it necessary for other people to know that you are running under a budget? No, right. Then why not maintain that exorbitant look even with a budget constraint by following our easy money saving home decor tips?

1.Pray to the Lord of lights:

Well, your home decor can be dramatically transformed by only changing those boring tube lights and replacing them with smart and expensive looking recessed ceiling lights. (Expensive looking, not expensive at all ! ) Thrifted chandeliers or illuminating pendant lights can be easily the proof of your elegance and chic.

2. Splash all around with creativity:

Turn your beer bottles into well-painted vases and make the Old Monk jar your lamp shade. Remember that huge printer box you got last time why not use it as a dustbin? And those green red wires which you carefully saved for later use, hang them across your light painted walls and let your favorite pictures swing from it!

3. Toss in some throw pillows:

Your sofa, your bed, the couch, the carpet, whichever seems to have lost its luster the throw pillows are just enough to revive its shine. Make some minimum invest in vivid-hued throw pillows with multiple geometric patterns. Arrange them in an orderly fashion on your furniture and witness the magic.

Money Saving and Easy Tips for Home Decor

4. Wallpaper too expensive?

Most of the wallpapers that actually grab our eyes are just too expensive. What are decorative dishes, wall stickers, and decals for ? Hang them on your wall to add a trendy touch. And if you are a more classic type, wall murals will be your savior. Such class, much wow!

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which house is the prettiest of them all?

Uhh, mirrors have changed the definition of home decor and have reinvented themselves as an inexpensive, swanky home decor tool. Be it a small one or a supersized one, mirrors not only make the rooms feel larger but also supplies with that much-needed plush.

6.  Lay down a rug:

Don’t underestimate the power of your floor to infuse style in your room. Whether you like it or not lay some contrasting carpets to delineate spaces and to infuse texture in your room. The cost saving, sassy carpets will resurrect your floor and give a new dimension to your home decor.

Money can buy you expensive things, but smartness will buy the same without spending a fortune. Plunge into the pool of inexpensive home decor with your creativity and make your home the a la mode of the season.