Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

After returning from the barbecue pool party all you could think of was that flashy yet fully functional outdoor kitchen. Well, why get over that thought when you can have one of your own too? No matter how cool an outdoor kitchen might look it’s always prone to accidents and hazards so learn the rules properly before turning your dream into reality.

Safety, safety, safety.

Don’t overlook the importance of different weather climates that your kitchen is going to be exposed to. Slippery flooring might collect water and cause frequent tripping over. Avoid marbles if kids are going to be running and cover up rugged surfaces in case old guests are around. Choose materials and appliances that meet the safety criteria and say no to too slick or too rugged flooring.

Location is the key to success.

Wind pattern factor is to be reckoned so that the smoke from the grill doesn’t drift back to home. If you don’t want to travel time and again with that heavy beef bourguignon consider placing your outdoor kitchen relatively closer to the indoor one. Since the kitchen is always a hazardous place it shouldn’t be near the play ground where children run wild. The inclusion of a bar top sounds like a nice plan when you want to cook and entertain your audience simultaneously.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Duh, no one wants an overcrowded kitchen! To avoid this keep your beer or water tap at the end of the bar and place the mini fridge somewhere near the guest congregation. This will help the invitees to access both without going through the kitchen and distracting the cook.

Apprehension-proof appliances.

It’ll be very exhausting to worry about your appliances whenever you use the kitchen. So be it the beer taps, hibachi grills, barbecues, sink or refrigerator buy the top-notch and reliable ones to relieve yourself from the constant anxiety. Select low-maintenance tough appliances to withstand corrosion and rigors of an outdoor kitchen. Carefully decide the size of the appliances to determine the layout of the kitchen.

Customized storage.

Water-proof and temperature change resistant cabinets and countertops provide with a lot of places to hide away the clutter. Neat. Concrete or stainless steel counters are just enough for the sleek and modern look and will provide you with resilience, smoothness, and durability. Opt for countertops of stone which are both stylish and functional.

Ambiance and comfort.

Of course, you would like John to tell Janet about how wonderful the ambiance at your outdoor kitchen is! Decorative chairs, tables, couches, smart and vintage cutlery, elegant lighting, a relaxing breeze filling the air with delicious turkey whiff and scrumptious food, what else can be the definition of an amazing evening?

Don’t forget once your outdoor kitchen is ready you’ll be the forever party and barbecue host. Keep some chilled beer handy to strike the balance between a host and cook. Happy catering!