Home Improvements for Lavish Homes

You are rich and you know it. Showing your opulence is not a wrong thing, so stop judging yourself for thinking of adding pepper to your already spiced up colossal mansion. Follow our simple steps that’ll guide you through the necessary path of trend and splendor to turn your home into a heavenly abode.

Personalized movie hall? Hell, yeah.

When a lot of money and lavish homes blend a personalized movie hall manifests. Glass projectors are the new ‘in-thing’ where images and videos can be projected on glass using latest projectors. The size of the screen will depend on the impact that you want and with some couches and sofas it’ll turn into your very own movie hall. Don’t forget to keep the popcorn flow going!

Stairs are vintage. What about elevators?

If it’s a multi-storied building, why not enhance the grandeur by installing elevators? The elevator should be maintained properly to avoid any sort of accident and its size should depend on the number of people accessing it every day. An elevator to go from bedroom to dining room, so cool!

Gaming zone is always a much-cherished dream.

Just choose the right spacious place to install that exciting bowling lane and include table tennis, pool tables to add a flare to it. If you have a ground you can even a basketball or tennis and badminton court. With a giant screen and video games gadgets, I’m sure you are never gonna see the daylight again.

Home Improvements for Lavish Homes

Old is gold.

Buy that 19th century piano from the auction. That giant Mahogany wardrobe reminding of Chronicles of Narnia is the best vintage touch that you can incorporate in your home. Keep this part of the house for time traveling into the past and startle all your guests with those classic antiques that you bought.

Steam shower. What more can you ask for?

A steam generator and a sealed shower that is going convert stall into a steam room. Be cautious while wiring for the generators, vapour-proofing walls, floors, and ceiling, and installation of a bathroom fan. This is a major project which needs the attention of the best professionals to turn your mere bathroom into a spa center.

Electrostatic precipitator, a friend in need.

Not only the name is serious and heavy the work it does also have massive importance in maintaining your luxurious home. This device charges the pollutants with a high voltage current which helps in the deposition of the wastes on the ground plates. These are great to remove tiny particles that slip through normal filters.

No matter how many devices you install to increase the magnificence of your majestic apartment, most important is to integrate happiness and laughter so that your house turns into a home.