Is Damage Caused By Termites Covered By Your Home Insurance?

Termites are common pests, and many homeowners experience termite infestations in their property, at some point. One of the biggest problems with termites is that they are not always easy to spot, until damage has already been caused. This is because they destroy wood from the inside out. If you have experienced this type of termite damage, you may think that you can claim on your insurance.

The problem with home insurance policies is that they normally provide cover for damage that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. This does not apply to termite damage as it can be prevented if you have regular pest inspections carried out. This means that you need to try and limit damage from termites, as you are likely to have to meet the cost yourself, with no help from the insurance company.

When the Insurance Company Might Be Able To Help

You are never going to have an easy task when it comes to trying to get an insurance company to pay out to cover the cost of termite damage. There are some limited occasions when it may be possible for the damage to be covered.

This normally happens if you are up to date with termite checks and treatments, but exceptionally wet weather causes problems which attract termites back to your property. If you are going to have any chance of being successful with your claim then you need to have proof of the inspections and treatments that have been carried out.

Is Damage Caused By Termites Covered By Your Home Insurance

Why Preventing Damage Is the Best Idea

It’s unlikely that termite damage will be covered by your insurance, except on very rare occasions. This is why you need to try and prevent damage from happening in the first place or, at the very least, limit the amount of damage that occurs.

You should watch out for signs of the presence of termites, such as termite faeces and termite tunnels. Signs can be difficult to spot, so you should have regular inspections carried out by experts; you can learn more about these inspections. Normally, termite inspections should be carried out every one to two years. If you live in an area which has a high incidence of termites, and where termite issues are common, you may need to have an inspection carried out as often as every six months.

If termites are discovered as the result of an inspection, the pest control experts will take action to cut off their access points and to rid your home of the infestation.

The sooner you deal with a termite problem, the better. If you do not take action as soon as possible, the damage caused can cost thousands of dollars to repair. As you will probably not be able to claim on your insurance, you will end up having to pay this money out yourself. Obviously, you want to avoid this, if at all possible.