Tips for Creating Attractive Wood Molding Decor

Just when you were thinking of how to go out-of-the-box by inducing some classic makeover Bree’s wood molding decor came to your mind and you thought of unleashing your ‘Desperate Housewives’-self. Little did you know that turning a set into an actual house would be so difficult. So here I am, being your Mary Alice, shining the light on your wood molding path.

  1. Simple and sassy.

Too many patterns and numerous molds make it a total fuss. Instead, if you have an edgy square or rectangular room, a plain wooden design will do the trick of transforming it into a trend-setting, contemporary space. Try this in your study room, the feel-good-factor will totally converge all the concentration.

  1. Multiple bands? Yes. Please.

Add a flare and show your vintage, classic taste by incorporating multiple bands at the top edge of your bedroom. Variation in the width of the bands, the base one being bigger than the others is perfect for that regal charm you have always yearned for.

  1. Let the trim scream.

If designed meticulously, even a plain trim can scream out your sense of beauty and panache. Using molds at the base and top of walls along with door frames enhances the attractiveness without spending a fortune on the interior decor.

Wood Molding Decor

  1. Curtain crowns cravings.

A little bit of molding above the curtain rods significantly imparts the 17th-century style Georgian look you always longed for. Pair it up with a Victorian trimming detail and turn it into your favorite eye resting place.

  1. All hail thin trim.

Thin trims are the chocolate icing on your wonderfully baked house cake. According to the rule, keep the colors lighter for a dramatic effect but paint it darker to break the monotony and the rule.

  1. Of mantle trims.

Flaunt your rich, dark brown Mahogany mantle along with its intricate patterns and geometric shape, with simple trim on the ceiling of that wall. The subtle trim adds to the vigor of that classic mantle piece and emanates grandeur in the room.

  1. Saturated Georgian style.

If fireplaces could talk they would have requested for the Georgian style extra-detailed dentil moldings. What Prada is to you, Georgian style dentils are to fireplaces. It is the ultimate form of ornamentation creating an aura of magnificence in your very own home.

  1. Kitchen cabinet stories.

Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, then why not kitchen cabinets? Go bold by fixing trims over your kitchen furniture and give it a contemporary, trendsetting appearance.

When the journey through the wood molding tunnel comes to an end don’t forget to post a photo of your satisfied smile on Instagram with the groomed house in the background.