10+ Outdoor Flooring Ideas

It is desirable to have a home which has its own private space, a house which is more than just a set of walls to be enclosed in. Hence, the appeal of your home depends not only on what it feels like to live inside but also how it looks to an outsider. Flooring is an often-neglected element of design but certain creative twists can go a long way in making your home look unique inside out.

Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are a good option for those who may want to remove the flooring at some later point of time, as they are easy to layout. It also gives a functional look to your flooring and can be a good choice if you have plants around your home.

Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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Wooden planks can also be a suitable option for those having plants, but they are better suited to give a more traditional look and are not ideal for small spaces. However, their stacked layout can add a degree of symmetry in your overall design.

Colorful Mixture

If you want to look playful, or if there are kids at home, you can opt for a colorful mixture. These combinations can look very pleasing to the eye and you can construct them using a variety of materials such as stone, concrete, as well as tiles.

Concrete Pavers

If you want to guide onlookers in the right direction, you should choose concrete pavers. These can be especially useful if you have a large yard where there is no clear walking path. Concrete pavers also add a more modern look to the surroundings.

Stone Patio

Stone Patio Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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This is another option for laying out the flooring in homes having gardens, but can be especially suitable where you need some kind of heat-resistant flooring (for which wood is not an ideal option). The dull texture of stones will naturally blend in with the rest of the garden.

Ipe Decking

Ipedeckings look very luxurious and can dramatically alter the perception of an area as it appears to outsiders. They can be laid out in many different sizes and can blend well with any furniture that you have outdoors.

Artificial Grass

Natural grass will always require regular pruning, weeding, watering etc. In order to keep it looking in excellent shape. However, artificial grass has none of these requirements and hence can be suitable for those who don’t mind letting go of the benefits of having authentic natural grass to save time on maintenance.

Stone Steps

Stone Steps Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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If your yard has different levels, you can consider laying out stone steps in order to make them give an increased aesthetic appeal. Stone steps blend in well with gardens and water features. However, their maintenance can sometimes be problematic.

Patterned Patio

If you want to give the yard a retro feel and make it stand out from the rest of the natural surroundings, you should go for a patterned patio. Their design requires careful planning, but they look great and immediately catch the eye of onlookers.


Boulders can be used to line up steps and pathways, in which they perform the dual function of demarcating boundaries as well as providing a sense of guided direction for movement. This option is best suited for places which do not have extreme weather.


Flagstone Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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Flagstone is suitable if you want to quickly cover up a large area without making it look very predictable like tiles. The color and texture of flagstone blends in well with the mud and soil found in gardens. It also adds a traditional touch to your yard.

Faux Slate Tile

Faux Slate Tile

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Faux Slate Tiles involve the use of concrete in order to make it look like slate but allowing more flexibility in the layout and size of design elements than slate would allow. They are best suited for walkways, passages and sitting/dining areas.