11 Impressive Pine Cone Bird Feeder Ideas

The pine cones used are the real ones which are cleaned and used in various craft projects and activities. We are going to check on its exquisite use as a bird feeder. These pine cone bird feeders can be exclusively made by yourself making your weekend pleased.

The pine cone bird feeder is adorned by using various seeds, adding color and texture to the bird feeder. It is hung by a thick thread which may help birds to find it.

The house-shaped peanut bird feeder consists of holes at the front side helping the birds to pick the food with their beak. The bird feeder is extended at the base for the birds to sit and hold on for some time.

The bird feeders made using several seeds and thick ropes can be hung out. These bird feeders are eye-catchy due to its texture and vibrant colors.

These bird feeders are made by using directly available clean pine cones which are further loaded with a variety of birds’ delicious appetite. Finally, for birds’ ease, the feeders are hung out using a thick rope.

Bird feeders can be another interesting craft project to add to your list. You can simply make it by using a plastic can, stick or spoon, rope and grains. By making a small hole on the curved surface of the can, you can hang it outside your house allowing the birds to sit and have food.

This bird feeder is made by using a waste plastic bottle, plastic spoons and rope and sunflower seeds. One can try making such bird feeders at home using various grains.

The following bird feeder is easily made by using a net-type cloth and filling it up with grains, further making a bag-like structure to hang it out. Here, the bag provides a good grip to the birds as well.

A tin can, ribbon or string, stick, glue and grains are sufficient to make this DIY bird feeder. The stick will act as a base for birds to sit on. You can mix various grains and seeds to make it colorful and attractive.

Pine cones can be used in numerous decorative gift items. Mostly, pine cones can be used in making Christmas crafts and wall hangings. The piece is embellished by sticking variety of decorative leaves on it.

Express your creativity by architecturally building bird feeders. This bird feeder is made up of wood and is further dramatized by adding levels and fences to it.

To add some fun, making funny faces on the bird feeders is a good option to go for. This funny-faced bird feeder is made using a log of wood and its lower lip is extended a bit further to provide grip to the birds.