5 Elegant Ideas for a French Home Décor

French home décor is something that every home owner and interior designer dreams of bringing into a home. The French décor is absolutely classy and elegant but quite an expensive affair. Nonetheless, you can never compare the priceless nature of the décor and the satisfaction it gives you with the bag of money you sprawl over decorating your home. You can create this magical look without spending too much if you can cleverly incorporate some stunning details and intricate designs that spell a French home. Here are 5 such worthy décor ideas for a French-inspired home.

1. Bring in Antiques

french antique décor items

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Antique décor items are the life and soul for every home decorated in the French style. Although antiques can be quite expensive, you can grab some pieces for cheap prices in flea markets. Elegant chandeliers, heavy-framed paintings and antique metal statues all fit for this kind of décor. But make sure you don’t overcrowd your home with these antique décor pieces.

2. Floral Upholsteries

French Floral Upholsteries

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Nothing speaks more about a French home than the floral upholsteries that are both soft and soothing. As most of these floral upholsteries are in pastel colors and inspired by the flora and fauna, they blend very well with subtle wall shades like sea green, light yellow, cream and light blue. So, if you don’t want to go for expensive chandeliers, try getting these elegant upholsteries instead.

3. Fabulous Wallpapers

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Simple wall paints are not the essentials of a home clad in French style. If you are really looking to bring in a touch of majesty, French style wall papers are a must for you. They are designed in specific floral shapes and intricate designs to impart a classy look to the home. Be cautious because all wallpapers are not French-style wallpapers.

4. Intricate Furniture

French furniture

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French furniture is very elegant and classy and defines the epitome of creativity and luxury. It gives a very special look for your home and increases the aesthetics while giving it a very special charm. Detailed Victorian styled designs, golden gilts and curvy outlines are the features that set them apart while blending well with the overall décor of your home.

5. Add a Touch of Nature

French country-style aspect into your home

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Do not forget to add greeneries like potted plants to your home décor if you really want to impart a classic and French country-style aspect into your home. Door sides and corners of any French home are always graced with beautiful plants that bring in life and refresh your mind. They are also capable of transforming your home from dull to breath-taking.

French inspired homes are known by their furnishing and décor items that are a class apart from other homes. Make sure that you plan well and bring these furnishing pieces, even one at a time, to transform your home into a magnificent French manor.