How to Make Your Own Storage Chest

Are you looking to make your own storage chest with the available storage space at home? People spend their money on other things to decorate their home. However, rather than buying things, they can build a storage chest to preserve their belongings as well as it adds a classic look to the home décor. A storage chest is one of the finest additions to your home. The main reason most of the people prefer a storage chest at their place is that they are multipurpose furnishing pieces. They are excellent and very flexible and add beauty to the home. They also save space and you can store your clothes, books or other things. Here’s how to make your own storage chest in simple steps.

Steps Involved in Building a Storage Chest

First you need to cut the board to your preferred size and then you have to lay out the side panels along with the lids and glue as well as clamp the boards so that they are intact while you work on them. Any slight deviation may result in damage to the board and to the final product. After that, you need to sand the sides along with lid so that there are no bumpy and rough edges. Then, you need to cut the handle notch based on your preferred design and size. Followed by that would be dry-fitting the side panels and then drilling pilot holes. Then, insert the dowels and cut the dowels flush and rip the bevels. Once you notch the feet of the storage chest and attach the cleats, the final steps will be to slip the base in the place and finally install the hinges and lid to make it complete.

Tips to Keep in Mind

However, you need to keep certain things in mind to ensure that your DIY storage chest will look like a one completed by a professional. To enhance the appearance of the storage chest you can wrap the inside part with soft fabric or faux leather. When making hard cuts, the board must be safely held in place as well as hands should be set aside of the saw blade. If you thinking of making the storage chest in a safe manner, then put in hinge that does not permit it to bang shut on your kid fingers.

Additional Information

Using hot melt glue will make the assembly very easy as compared to the other glues and it is also very timber friendly. Once all the sections are assembled, tiny finish nails or else wood screws can be additional. At all times follow secure practices when utilizing power, apparatus, including eye guard, moreover make use of a respirator when sanding or cutting timber or spray print if you are responsive to these airborne elements. Utilizing antique hardware as well as fasteners will provide the storage chest a more genuine look. Brass furnishings, upholstery tacks, can be utilized for decoration if you like.

How to Make Your Own Storage Chest

Things You Will Need

There are many things you will need complete this weekend DIY furniture project including power equipment, working table, lumber, fasteners and glue, measuring and squaring equipment and sander.

Style Options

When it appears to be choosing the storage chest, which fits superlative with the home décor, it is very important to pay concentration in style. To add a habitual stroke in your home decor, you might select a traditional timber storage chest. Whether in the wardrobe or close to bed, you can put it anywhere in the space. Being an ornamental touch, it can purpose as a side table.

Whether for adding style to your home or for your own secure storage, an easy timber storage chest can be built in a day with a few common equipment and reasonably priced lumber. Now you do not have to think more about making your own storage chest.