Pipe Clothing Rack and its types – An overview

Tiny closet? No Shelf? If you are scratching your head where to put garments in your bedroom (otherwise where to hang overcoats in a foyer), try one of these pipe clothing racks. The Pipe Clothing Rack is an ideal way to store all your overflow clothing, handbags and accessories without consuming up a large space in your home.

Pipe Clothing Rack Wall Mounted

Pipe Clothing Rack Wall Mounted

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A wall-mounted pipe clothing rack will give a stylish place for hanging the items they would rather not leave wrinkling in their suitcase.

Pipe and Flange Clothing Rack

Pipe and Flange Clothing Rack

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These pipe clothing rack are moveable because of the flanges fitted at the bottom. Apart from garments, we can also organize shoes, bags and other daily use materials in it.

Wood and Pipe Clothing Rack

Wood and Pipe Clothing Rack

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This pipe clothing rack is combined with wooden shelves for the purpose of storage. It is used for placing the folded garments and its accessories.

Black Pipe Clothing Rack

Black Pipe Clothing Rack

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The synonym of black is style. It gives a stylish look to your home when fixed in light or white colored wall.

Brass Pipe Clothing Rack

Brass Pipe Clothing Rack

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Made of brass, this rack may handle anything you want to hang as well as look beautiful constantly for years.

Boutique Pipe Clothing Rack

Boutique Pipe Clothing Rack

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This pipe clothing rack is not only used in homes but also serves as a space saver in boutiques and thrift stores.

Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

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Make use of the copper pipe clothing rack for a strong and sturdy look. Due to its non-rusting character, the copper clothing racks live for longer years than other materials.

Corner Pipe Clothing Rack

Corner Pipe Clothing Rack

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Use this corner pipe clothing rack to streamline your morning routine. Simply gather the garments for a week in this small rack and you need not run all over your house searching for dresses.

Hanging Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

Hanging Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

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If you are already have tight space, this simple DIY hanging solution will provide you the space you need without overcrowding the room.

Plumbing Pipe Clothes Rack

Plumbing Pipe Clothes Rack

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The plumbing pipes are easy for assembling since they already have threads marked on it and they are readily available in all necessary sizes.

Gas Pipe Clothing Rack

Gas Pipe Clothing Rack


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Available in extended lengths, effortlessly cut to size, fix into curtain rod and the end cap donot look bad as finales, gas pipes are the ideal choice for constructing a pipe clothing rack.

Half Round Pipe Clothing Rack

Half Round Pipe Clothing Rack

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This Half Round pipe Clothing Rack is sure to give a touch of elegance to the showroom floor. It features a grey finish along with industrial piping accents.

Vintage Pipe Clothing Rack

Vintage Pipe Clothing Rack

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These Pipe Clothing Racks make use of connected pieces of pipes to create fashion and industrial retail piping fixtures that suit well with vintage or current clothing.

2 Way Pipe Clothing Rack

2 Way Pipe Clothing Rack

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This 2 way pipe clothing rack has a matte black finishing and unique urban chic. It also has an optional locking and non-locking facility.

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack with Wheels

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack with Wheels

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This mobile rack is provided with 4 rolling durable wheels with 2 brakes ensuring that this rack could travel from one room to other room and stay when you need.