Tips for Choosing Wall Colors for Kids’ Rooms

I understand your pain mommy, choosing the right color for your kid’s room is quite underrated but a Herculean task. They don’t like almost everything, and you are out of your wits about which shade to pick. The apparently reliable husband-inputs are totally doltish since if possible he’ll convert the whole room into a giant football. So here we are soothing your pain with some valuable advice to assist you while painting your little darling’s room.

Think beyond the girly pink.

I am very much against stereotyping. Who said that your little girl won’t like anything but pink? Splash some Jamaican Aqua across the wall, vibrant California lilac on the ceiling, and blend some Yellow raincoat on the accent wall. It not only increases the cheerful quotient but also a calming and relaxing effect is imparted.

Mood and color coordination.

Though underrated but colors do have quite an impact on human mood. Is your child active and energetic or orderly and restful? Some juicy hues of Lemon, Blueberry and Orange will definitely fill the room with adequate energy and necessary drama. On the other hand, if you paint the walls white with occasional tinges of pink and red the room automatically turns soothing and soft.

Tips for Choosing Wall Colors for Kids' Rooms

Lighting matters.

Lighting and room paint, still a better love story than Twilight! Lighting sort of brings the colors to life and hence a proper coordination between the two is necessary for justifying the choice of those amazing shades. If it’s your kid’s study room with large windows try to avoid strong vibrant colors as they can be overpowering during the daytime. Also, bright colors might cause a distraction which mama won’t definitely like during study time. Try that light shade of Blue that transforms the room into a serene path of self-exploration, might just do the trick of emancipating your child’s creativity.

Ceiling charisma.

I never actually deciphered the reason behind neglecting the ceiling color. Most of the houses boast a pale, uninteresting shade of white. Why not make it navy blue instead with small starry patterns? Come on, it’s your little tots bedroom, don’t you want it to be innovative and unique? It’ll be nice to sleep under a night starry sky within your room. If you don’t want that much of drama then at least experiment with some pastel shades and medium light that’ll create a luminous effect.

Accessories, furniture and paint color threesome.

Keep one constant varying the other two to make the most out of room decor. No need to change your boring furniture, just add some tangy factor into your room with that vivid citrus, grass green and beaming orange tinctures. And if you have already bought that navy blue bunk bed or velvety red showcase, don’t worry white has your back. White wash the walls but create a magic with intricate vibrant wall designs.

Make the rooms your canvas and pour your creativity onto it. Use your magic wand flawlessly and your kid won’t yearn for night outs or sleepovers.