A Guide to Buying a Corner Sofa

Living Room is one of the favorite areas in our homes, therefore it should be one of the most comfortable and executive area in the house. We probably spend more than 50% of our free time in the living room. A Lot of people tend to overcrowd the living room, with many seats, antiques, tables and entertainment units.

It is always recommended that you declutter your living room in order to have some sense of order, sanity, space and maximized relaxation, one way to do this, is to probably purchase a unique corner sofa with a unique design, which will not only save you space but can be converted into a relaxing sofa bed in case of need.

There is something always so cozy about a corner sofa and the best thing is that they are readily available and they come in unique designs. Different designs are meant for different purposes as indicated below.

Corner Sofa Types:

Sofa Bed

sofa bed corner sofa

This is a two in one, it can be converted into a bed if needed and it also stands as a big comfortable sofa.

Chaise Sofa

Chaise Sofa

If you like reorganizing your room quite often or you plan to move soon from one place to another, this is the right choice for you as it comes with a reversible chaise which you can place on the side you are most comfortable with.



It is a beautiful sofa with a shape of letter L that is formed by joining the left arm lounger to the right one.

Corner unit

Corner unit

This is a corner unit that can be added onto another unit to create an L-shaped sofa

Single seat unit

Single seat unit

These can be left as a single arm chair or can be linked with another to create an exact kind of seat and size that you want.

Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue

This is a very classic piece mostly found in bedrooms or living rooms in a place where you want. It is a very unique piece and it’s not for everyone.

Corner sofas are done in varying fabrics to bring out different concepts or ambiance. Some of the fabrics used are, Leather, cotton, Velvet, among many others.

An interior designer’s advice comes in handy while you are shopping for your corner sofas to ensure that as you shop, you attain your desired look or concept.

Important Things to Consider While Planning or Purchasing a Corner Sofa:

Desired Interior Design

Please seek professional interior designers advice on what suits your room best so as to achieve that luxurious or cozy look that comes with a corner sofa in your room.

Your budget

Make sure you save enough just for your perfect or favorite corner sofa.

The sofa measurements/The Size

While ferrying the seat from the furniture store, ask yourself a few questions, will it fit on the hallway? Is there enough space in your room? Putting all this into consideration, you need to carry with you the correct measurements while shopping.


How many hours do you spend on the sofa? If the answer is a high percentage of your time, then you need to consider a very comfy or spongy kind of sofa as opposed to a hard sofa meant for areas like for public waiting where they harden the seats because they want to discourage people from idling around. So, pick the right type of the sofa depending with its purpose.


Considering the hygiene aspect, how easy is it to clean the sofa? is it intended to be place in an area where a lot of human traffic. If it is, consider material like leather which is so easy to clean or disinfect.


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